Thursday, December 8, 2016

Brewing Handmade Beers at Yangnyeongsi

 Brewing Handmade Beers at Yangnyeongsi

Daegu Yangnyeongsi is one of the three largest oriental pharmacy market in the country with long history. To preserve historical tradition of Yangnyeongsi, it has developed programs to experience its various cultures. One of the culture programs is “Yangnyeong Culture Circle” which provides unique classes where everyone can participate.

Brewing beers using oriental medicine ingredients’ is available on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Friday, ‘Food Academy with Oriental medicine’ and ‘Dessert Detox and Learning Physiognomy’ is open. Let’s take a look at the ‘brewing beers’ class which lasts for two to six weeks.

Main ingredients of beer include water, wort, lupulin, and yeast. Handmade beers of Yangnyeongsi adds ginger and cinnamon to make its special scent. First, boil water with ginger and cinnamon, and boil it again after pouring wort.

When wort starts to boil, embed lupulin and let it go through a week of fermentation under ordinary temperature. After that, add sugar and seal it for another three weeks of fermentation. Total of four weeks is needed for beer to be aged.

You have an opportunity to taste handmade beer. Even though it is made with ginger and cinnamon, it has a scent of fruit. Let’s make Beer at Daegu Yangnyeongsi!

Brewing Handmade Beer (2-week class)
Begins on December 6, December 20th, January 3rd
Time and Place: 14:00~20:00 / Daegu Yangnyeongsi Souvenir Store B1 (Daegu Jung-gu Namseong-ro)
Class fee: free / ingredients cost: \30,000
Contact: 053-431-0244 (Daegu Yangnyeongsi Customer Service)
*English support is not available so please ask your friend to make inquiries.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yeonmae Traditional Market with Min Hee

Yeonmae Traditional Market with Min Hee

Yeonmae Market is a small, but lively little market located along side Yangnyeongshi Herbal Medicine Market.  We first found this little wonder a few years ago, but had sort of forgotten about it.  Min Hee and her family were out gathering some information on places for Min Hee to report on when we were in need of a few light snacks. Suddenly we remembered this hidden oasis.

As you enter the market from either end you are right away given several choices for quick snacks.  This time of the year, some O-deng ( fishcakes on sticks ), assorted dumplings, spicy rice cakes or assorted fried foods.  These places are like the Korean Traditional version of fast food!

Min Hee is a fan of Duk, or rice cake,  she doesn’t like Dukboki ( duk simmered in a spicy pepper sauce, yet.  So today she went for some boiled Duk and a stick or two of fishcakes.  The stcks you see in the above photo are about forty cents apiece.  They are very popular!

There are about forty vendors in the market.  Most of the shops offer food or snacks.  You can buy in small amounts or in bulk. Several years ago during the summer we stopped in for a bag of puffed rice and between Min Hee and her parents had eaten the whole bag in a few hours.  It is much cheaper and a lot healthier than processed snacks.

“Daddy, are we going to buy some snacks today?”
“I am stuffed from the other snacks.  How about you?”
“Me too.  How about next time we come here?”
“Sounds good to me.”

Some of the snacks are made right in the market, then packaged and set out for sale.

Some of the items sold are great snacks for hiking or having in your backpack when it is time for a shopping spree.  Christmas is just around the corner and Yeonmae Market is just across from Jung Ang Police Box, at the end of one of the main shopping areas downtown.

We hope to see you out and about in our Colorful Daegu and if you happen to see us, please say HI!  If you would like to see more of Min Hee’s activities, please visit her facebook page and give her a LIKE (thumbs up)!  Here is a link:

Monday, December 5, 2016

[Daegu/November] Events Calendar of December 2016

Dongdaegu Street, Remodeling into a Smart Street

Dongdaegu Street, Remodeling into a Smart Street

Dongdaegu Street will be remodeled into a venture valley symbol street where smart walking is available. Smart streetlamps, automatically detects walking people and running automobiles, CCTV installed bus shelters and free WI-FI will be installed at smart walking street. In addition to the smart system, it is planned to build a pocket park and improve its environment.

Dongdaegu Street is also an active place for young people where Startup Supporting Center is located. Outdoor office space is scheduled to be constructed and the first floor of the building will be open to public and provide space for citizens to use their laptops and tablet computers freely.

When Dongdaegu Complex Transfer Center finish its construction next year, visiting tourists will have their first impression of Daegu at Dongdaegu Street. Let’s see how Dongdaegu Street would turn out into a beautiful and convenient smart street.