Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Silk Road - Central Asia Festival in Daegu : "We are One" Multi-Culture Festival in Daegu~~~πŸ™†

Footprints on Silk Road :

 "We are One", Multi-Culture Festival in Daegu 

Share Together, Enjoy Together & Happy Together in Daegu~~πŸ™†

A few days ago Keimyung university was a place where different cultures co-habitated with the celebration of the Silk Road - Central Asia Festival. The countries that participated were Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, with a stand for Korean culture. Students and professors who visited the festival could learn more about the culture, specifically about language, clothes, art and food!

Keimyung university is famous for its diversity, with a great number of foreigners students, specially from Central Asian countries! These students helped organizing the festival and volunteering at the stands sharing information about their countries and sharing traditional foods!

The most popular point of the festival was of course… the food! From hot dishes to snacks and even some beverages, everyone could have their stomach filled with delicious food. In the festival we could see that most food included beef, and vegetables and was made with bread or rice! Beverages went from pretty colored tea to sweet and salty yogurt!

For the sweets, there was plain chocolate, chocolate filled with nuts or dried fruits, there were also Turkish delights and dried persimmons! A good end after a delicious meal!

But not everything was food! Each stand showed us their traditional clothing, some words in their language and traditional decoration and toys! You could even try on the clothes and takes pics!

It was a wonderful festival where everybody learned more about other countries food, culture, dress and language! Hope we can see more different festivals about other cultures, making Daegu more and more global and culturally diverse! :)