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[Living] Support and Education Programs (2)

1.    Job Placement & Vocational Training
2.    Child Care Service
3.    Children Education & Support Program
4.    Service Agencies & Communities Foreign Residents

Job Placement & Vocational Training

Foreigners who enter Korea can gain employment, according to their purpose of entering and status of their visa. Immigrants married to a Korean citizen(Visa F-13, F-2-1) are legally entitled to employment. Eligibility for employment can be checked at Hi Korea( and through calling 1345.

Vocational training
This program provides job-seeking people with opportunities for vocational training and education. Marriage immigrants with Korean nationality are eligible to apply for this program. Any marriage immigrants without Korean nationality who have at one time registered for employment insurance, can take an "unemployment training course".
􄤎Job Center,
􄤎Counselling Center, Ministry of Employment & Labor 1544-1350
􄤎HRD Net of Ministry of Employment & Labor
􄤎Woman Resources Development Center

Child Care Service

Preschoolers are eligible for child care services at child care centers and kindergartens. In the case that the child attends a child care center or kindergarten, the education fee is partially or fully reimbursed depending on the parents' income level.

Child care center
The Child care center is for children of age 0 to 5, and offer educational programs covering physical, social, language, and emotional development which are considered necessary to keep children on track.
Fees vary depending on service time for care, age of child, and type of facilities. Those who meets the below conditions can receive education fee reimbursement.
􄤎Parents with an accredited monthly income (Accredited monthly income denotes the standard amount of household income accredited by the government) that is less than 70% of the average monthly income of households with infants are eligible.
􄤎Parents with an accredited income in the bottom 50% are eligible for full exemption.
􄤎Fees are fully reimbursed for disabled children, regardless of parents' income level.
􄤎How to apply: legal guardian including parents should submit (1)Education fee reimbursement application form, (2)document proving income or property of family, and (3)i-sarang card application form to City Hall, County Hall, Gu office, Eup office, Myeon office or Dong office (which is called resident community center) under the jurisdiction of residence.

The kindergarten is for children of age 3 to 5 and kindergarten programs attempt to incorporate academic instruction alongside more playful activities. Kindergarten fees are subsidized by the government and the subsidy amount varies depending on parent's income level. Those who meet the below conditions can receive a reduction of fees.
􄤎Kindergarten fee is reimbursed, up to 100% level of monthly average income of city-residing income family
􄤎The subsidy for children aged five is flat, while support for children aged three & four is graded according to age & income level.
􄤎Fees are fully reimbursed for disabled children, regardless of parents' income level.
􄤎How to apply: legal guardian including parents should submit Kindergarten Fee Reimbursement application form and required document proving income or property status, etc. to City Hall, County Hall, Gu office, Eup office, Myeon office or Dong office under the jurisdiction of residence.

Children Education & Support Programs

The Korean school system consists of six years in elementary school, three years in middle school, three years in high school, and 4 years in university (2 years in junior college). Students are required to go to elementary and middle school, and do not have to pay for this education. One academic year consists of two semesters. After completing first semester, there is one month summer vacation and at the end of 2nd semester, there are two months winter vacation and term-end holidays.

Elementary School Admission
The Admission schedule of each public or private elementary school is different. For detailed information, inquire to the specific school you wish your children to attend, or visit website of the school. To apply for early admission or deferred admission, you should submit an application form to your Eup, Myeon, or Dong Office.
􄤎Eligible age: children 6 years old and older
􄤎Application period: October 1~December 31, every year
􄤎Admission process: prepare a list of children entering → apply for early admission or admission postponement → set an admission date and school district → preliminary summoning → enter school

Reimbursement, exemption, and reduction of High school fees
􄦦 Those who are enrolled as school fee recipients at Eup office, Myeon office, or Dong office and are provided with school fee and admission fee
􄦦 Children from families who pay less than the fixed monthly premium of 47,000 won(3 member family)~50,000won(6 member-family) for regional health insurance
􄦦 Children from families who pay less than the fixed monthly premium of 43,000 won for company health insurance
􄦦 Low-income family children recommended by a school teacher for school fee support due to personal reasons(like parents' divorce, death, unemployment, bankruptcy, disease, etc)

Youth Support Center (call at 1388)

Service Agencies & Communities for Foreign Residents

가톨릭근로자회관(영남노동교육위원회) Catholic Workers Center
중구 종로 2 35 / 35, 2-ga, Jong-ro, Jung-gu

계명대학교 다문화사회 연구 및 교육센터 Center for Immigration & Multicultural Research & Education of Keimyung Univ.
달서구 신당동 1000 / 1000, Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu

곰천사자원봉사연합회 Gom Cheonsa Volunteer Association
남구 대명3 2130-30 / 2130-30, Daemyeong 3-dong, Nam-gu

남구다문화가족지원센터 Nam-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center
남구 대명2 19-1 남구종합복지회관 2 / 19-1, Daemyeong 2-dong, Nam-gu 2F Nam-gu Welfare Center

남산종합사회복지관 Namsan Community Social Welfare Center
중구 남산4 248 / 248, Namsan 4-dong, Jung-gu

다문화문화원 Multi-culture Center
중구 공평동 64-1 / 64-1, Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu

달서구다문화가족지원센터 Dalseo-gu Multi-culture Family Support Center
달서구 신당동 1000 계명대학교 백은관 / Baekeungwan, Keimyung Univ., 1000, Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu

달성군다문화가족지원센터 Dalseong-gun Multi-culture Family Support Center
달성군 화원읍 설화리 553-41 / 553-41, Seolhwa-ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

()달성군여성문화복지센터 Dalseong-gun Women Culture Center
달성군 화원읍 설화리 553-41 / 553-41, Seolhwa-ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

달성군종합사회복지관 Dalseong-gun Community Welfare Center
달성군 논공읍 북리 1-104 / 1-104, Buk-ri, Nongongeup, Dalseong-gun

달성문화원 Dalseong Culture Center
달성군 현풍면 상리 627 / 627 Sang-ri, Hyeonpungmyeon, Dalseong-gun

대구결혼이주여성인권센터 대구지부 Women Migrants Human Right Center in Daegu
동구 신암1 803-9 2 / 2F 803-9, Sinam 1-dong, Dong-gu

대구다문화지원센터 Daegu Multi-culture Support Center
달서구 두류1 776-8 2 / 2F 776-8 Duryu 1-dong, Dalseo-gu

대구보현의집 Daegu House of Bohyun
남구 이천동 338-19 / 338-19 Yicheon-dong, Nam-gu

대구외국인근로자선교센터 Daegu Mission Center for Migrants
중구 대봉2 166-18 / 166-18 Daebong-2 dong, Jung-gu

대구외국인노동상담소 Counseling Center for Migrant Workers in Daegu
달서구 본리동 1217-4 / 1217-4 Bonri-dong, Dalseo-gu

대구외국인력지원센터 Daegu Support Center for Foreign Workers
달서구 두류동 807-5, 7 / 807-5, 7, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu

대구의료원 Daegu Medical Center
서구 평리동 454 / 454 Pyeongri-dong, Seo-gu

대구종합사회복지관 Daegu Community Welfare Center
동구 서호동 89-1 / 89-1 Seoho-dong, Dong-gu

동구다문화가족지원센터 Dong-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center
동구 동호동 358 / 358 Dongho-dong, Dong-gu

동부여성문화회관(시사업소) Dongbu Women Culture Hall
동구 신암4 664-21 / 664-21 Sinam 4-dong, Dong-gu

동촌종합사회복지관 Dongchon Welfare Center
동구 입석동 964-8 / 964-8 Ipseok-dong, Dong-gu

()베트남여성문화센터 Vietnamese Culture Center
달서구 두류2 87-36 1119 / #1119, 87-36, Duryu 2-dong, Dalseo-gu

보현이주여성쉼터 Bohyeon Marriage Immigrant Center
남구 이천동 380-5 / 380-5 Yicheon-dong, Nam-gu

북구다문화가족지원센터 Buk-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center
북구 관음동 1383-15(3) / 3F, 1383-15, waneum-dong, Buk-gu

서구다문화가족지원센터 Seo-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center
서구 원대동 1115-5 / #1115-5 Wondae-dong, Seo-gu

성서이주노동자센터 Seongseo Migrant's Center
달서구 신당동 311-30 / 311-30 Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu

수성구다문화가족지원센터 Suseong-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center
수성구 중동 266-5 / 266-5 Jung-dong, Suseong-gu

안심제1종합사회복지관 Ansim 1st Community Welfare Center
동구 율하동 1018 / 1018 Yulha-dong, Buk-gu

인도네시아 근로자 쉼터 Indonesian Workers Center
달서구 이곡2 1000-255(3F) / 1000-255(3F), Yigok-2 dong, Dalseo-gu

대구광역시 종합복지회관(시사업소) Daegu City Community Welfare Center
달서구 성당동 72-10 / 72-10 Seongdang-dong, Dalseo-gu

대구참사랑다문화가정협의회 Daegu Chamsarang Multicultural Family Committee
북구 칠성동 2 70 2 / 2F 2ga 70 Chilseong-dong, Buk-gu

Hanwoori Family Counseling Center
동구 신천4 285-23 2 / 2F 285-23, Sincheon 4-dong, Dong-gu

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