Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Symbols of Daegu] Tow Symbol Words of Daegu

It’s real common for Daegu residents to face with any kind of form showing Daegu city symbol words, ‘Colorful Daegu’, on the street.
However, I don’t think many of people know what that exactly means.
Has anybody thought about it?

For all those who live in Daegu, I would love to explain implications of Daegu’s 2 city symbols; CI and BI.

Here is the very famous long-lasting city logo; Daegu’s current CI (City Identity) enacted in 1996.~^^
Original meaning of CI (Corporate Identity) is the "persona" of a corporation extensively, while this symbol above just indicates the image of Daegu itself.
The image has 3 triangles and 1 oval to visualize Mt. Palgong and Nakdong River, implying future-oriented progressiveness and vibrant openness to the world.

The second symbol of Daegu!
You may feel this one is more familiar than the other one.

‘Colorful Daegu’, created in 2004, is a city slogan and brand, which represents Daegu’s aim.
This symbol is to be considered as Daegu’s BI (Brand Identity).
An enterprise makes various brands and builds their images one by one.
Just like that, ‘Colorfoul Daegu’ is just one brand of Daegu city.

The colors represent “diversity and variety”.
It implicates growing, Daegu which has various looks, with young, bright, fabulous, and vibrant images of the city.
Each color has different meaning.

Blue Smart city that leads the world
Green Healthy and eco-friendly green city
Pink Cultured and artistic city
Yellow Fun and open tour-leisure city

All these characterize the city of Daegu.

Did you get any idea of the 2 symbols already?
I expect you to understand well hoping you love Daegu more than ever. ^O^
We will keep woking hard to provide you with useful and proper information.

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