Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 2nd story – Yaki Udon

Here I have the 2nd story of Daegu’s representative foods – Yaki Udon.

Among Japanese food items, there is the fried udon called yaki soba. Yaki udon was developed in Daegu about thirty years ago and after making it spicy with pepper powder and garlic, various vegetables, such as onion, cabbage, pumpkin, bean sprouts and mushroom, are included. Vegetables change according to the season, i.e. leek for summer and spinach for winter. It is characterized by frying the squid and pork over a strong fire on the spot. It is a menu that is provided at most Chinese restaurants in Daegu.

I visited Daegu’s old Chinese restaurant Junghwa Banjum(중화 반점).
It’s not surprising that Yaki Udon is on the menu of all kinds of restaurants in Korea. Go down the alleyway between Daegu department store and McDonalds and it will be on the left down the path.

This place is always crowded!

This place, been there for about 40, years is the origin of the Yaki Udon.

You will become addicted to it once you taste its savory spices and sweetness.

The second place I glanced at is Gongeesa Banjum (공이사반점) located near Mankyeong Theater.
This place is also a Chinese restaurant.

2 of the restaurants are arguing that theirs is the original Yaki Udon.
Whose side am I on? No idea.. lol

Yaki Udon of Gongeesa Banjum was relatively less spiced.
Feel the hot flavor of Daegu’s Yaki Udon!

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