Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Living/Shopping] Introducing Daegu’s Traditional Markets (4)

The 4th story of Daegu’s traditional markets is ready to be told.
Have you found from article (1) to (4) any traditional market in your neighborhood? If you haven’t I hope you read below and find one or tow!

Find more information about traditional markets in Daegu
-Introducing Daegu’s Traditional Markets (1):
-Introducing Daegu’s Traditional Markets (2):
-Introducing Daegu’s Traditional Markets (3):
-Daegu Siji Thursday Market:
-Chilseong Market and Furniture Shopping:

Daegok Market and Duryu General Market

Dowon Market and New-Seoman Market

Seongseo Yongsan Market and Songhyeon Market

Waryong Market and Wolbae Market

Hwawon Market and Hyeonpung Market

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