Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 7th story – Muchimhoe

The 7th story of Daegu’s representative foods – Muchimhoe

Because Daegu is an inland area, people do not often have the opportunity to taste truly fresh fish. Instead local people have enjoyed the special taste of Muchimhoe, in which boiled squid, turban shellfish, freshwater snails, and sliced raw saltwater eels are tossed by hand with powdered hot pepper, garlic, dropwort, and ginger. This is a unique specialty of Daegu, found only in this area for over 30 years. There's plenty of this food to go around? It is an inexpensive menu item with a spicy taste that does not discriminate against any class of people, but encompasses men and women of all ages. In particular, there is a street called Naedang-dong Bangogae Muchimhoe Alley which has been formed with 15 restaurants, such as Chungmu Sikdang and Honam Sikdang.

Daegu has several Muchimhoe alleys and we visited one called Bangogae.

It’s located near the Bangogae subway station. Take gate 1, cross the street and walk until you see the blue sign in the picture.

There are more than 10 restaurants in this area.

We picked this old-fashioned place that looked like it has stood there since Muchimhoe got born.

Open kitchen!!

This is what Muchimhoe looks like!
If you don’t like it to be spicy than tell them when you make an order.

One bowl of Muchimhoe is 13,000won.

These are side dishes you will get per one plate.

Marsh clam soup will help to reduce spicy taste.

Muchimhoe being wrapped in a lettuce leaf!
After one bite of it, have one sip of marsh clam soup. They go really well together.

We couldn’t eat up the food since I already had had dinner, so we asked to wrap the leftovers. Then I saw the owner putting more lettuce leaves in the bag. How warm-hearted she is! I think this kind of thing is what you can always experience at old restaurants or traditional markets in Korea.

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