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[Living] Transportation (1)

1.    Air

Several international flight services are in operation at the Daegu International Airport. For other international air routes, the Incheon or Gimhae International Airport can be used. Air flight schedules can be subject to change without notice. For further details, simply visit the website of the Korea Airport Corporation, or your airline company.

Major airline companies

From downtown to Daegu International Airport
City buses (Express1, 101-1, 401, 719, Donggu2, Palgong1, Palgong 2) will pass Daegu International Airport. It then takes 2~3 minutes from the bus stop to reach the Airport on foot. You may also take a taxi to the Airport from any area. In case that you take the subway, please get off at the Ayanggyo Station on the Line 1 and then take a taxi for a short ride to the Airport.

Airport Limousine bus
- Destination / Traveling time
DongDaegu → Incheon Airport / 4 hours 30 minutes
DongDaegu → Gimhae Airport/ 1 hour 20 minutes
- Information
Daewon Gong-hang 02-3436-6366
Gonghang Express 02-592-4943
Gyeongbuk Coach Service 053-355-1241
ARS 1588-6900

2.    Train

There are two train stations in Daegu. Daegu Train Station is located in the downtown core, but the KTX doesn't stop there. All trains coming to and from Daegu city will stop at Dongdaegu Train Station. Daegu Train Station and Dongdaegu Train Station are both accessible by subway lines. In case you take a train, it is important to reserve a seat. You can also purchase train tickets in advance at the nearest travel agency.

Train types and fares

Train reservation
If you are a member of the Korail membership, you can easily make a reservation on the internet or by telephone. For further details, please visit the Korail website at or call the train station information center at ARS 1544-7788, 1588-7788 or 1544-8545 (English available).

How to get to Dongdaegu Train Station
Bus: Express1, 101-1, 156, 303-1, 401 , 414-1, 521, 708, 805, 814, 818, 937, Gachang1, Bukgu3, Circular2-1, Palgong2
Subway Line 1: get off at Dongdaegu subway station.

How to get to Daegu Train Station
Bus: 101, 101-1, 401, 420, 420-1, 618, 651, 708, 808, 980, Gachang2, Bukgu2
Subway Line 1: get off at Daegu subway station.

3.    Express Bus

You can get detailed information about express buses in the nation, including their routes, times and also make reservations, through the ARS 1588-6900 or the website:

4.    Inter- city Bus

Bukbu Inter-City Bus Terminal
Inquiry: ARS 1666-1851
Bukbu Terminal can be reached by a wide variety of buses. Buses from Bukbu go to locations to the North(Buk) of Daegu, including Ansan, Osan, Incheon, Andong, Sangju, Seongju, Chungju, etc.
Bus: Circular3-1, 202-1, 309, 323-1, 356, 427, 724, 726

Dongbu Inter-City Bus Terminal
Inquiry: ARS 1666-0017
This bus station services the eastern part of Korea, especially for popular destinations like Gangneung, Gyeongju and Pohang every 10-15 minutes.
Bus: Circular2, 156, 420, 508, 518, 521, 651, 708, 937

Nambu Inter-City Bus Terminal
Inquiry: 053-743-4464
Buses from Nambu head south, but it must be explained that this is the smallest bus terminal in Daegu, and it actually doesn't include many southern destinations. It does offer service to Miryang, Unmunsa Temple and Cheongdo. Reaching Nambu Terminal is easy, any bus going to Gyeongsan or Siji will pass by the terminal.
Bus: 349, 420, 420-1, 425, 427, 449, 509, 609, 649, 724, 840, 849, 909, 937, 939

Seobu Inter-City Bus Terminal
Inquiry: 053-656-2824~5
This station is on the south of Duryu Park, and it can be reached by the Subway Line1(Exit at Seongdangmot, it is south of Duryu Park). Buses from Seobu Terminal go to Namwon, Pohang, Jinju, Masan, Haeinsa, Hapcheon, Geochang, Gyeongju... in other words a very wide range of destinations, not only those located to the west as the name of the station would indicate.
Bus: 202, 202-1, 452, 518, 564, 600, 604, 609, 618, 623, 649, 650, 651, 706, 726, 750, 805, 836, Dalseong2

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