Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Living] Transportation (2)

1.    City Bus

Buses in Daegu are divided into four categories: main line, express line, circular line, and branch line. It is quite convenient to take buses because the transfer between buses and subways is available. Express lines provide faster travel time and less stops from the outskirts to downtown, and the interval between buses is shorter than regular lines. Main line has a 3-digit figure, and the other express, circular and branch lines have their own unigue numbering system, so it is easy to recognize. No fees are charged for transfers within 30 minutes from the time of your leaving the first bus. Transfers are only available using a transportation card.

Daegu Bus Association
053-474-1123, 053-475-2511, /

Transportation card
After getting on a bus, touch your card closely to the electronic card sensor, and the fare will be automatically subtracted from your card. If you want to pay the fare for more than one person, you need to tell the number of passengers to the driver, and then wait for his direction before placing the card on the card reader. Transportation cards are also available for use with the subway system.
-Purchase & recharge: Convenience stores, bus stop kiosks, Daegu Banks, and other designated places
-Information: Toppass 1577-8058, Daegyeong Transportation Card 080-427-2342


Transfer system
Free transfer within 30 minutes from the time of your leaving the first bus or subway. (in case of the bus, you need to touch your card on the card reader at the back door when you leave.)
Free transfer system available for Daegu city buses (except for buses of the same route number), subways, and Gyeongsan city buses
Recharge: Bus stop kiosks, Daegu Bank ATMs, Subway stations, Cosa Marts
Toppass Card: U-Payment 1577-8058, 053-770-8000,
Daegyeong Transportation Card: Kardnet 080-427-2342, 053-427-2342,

2.    Urban Transit

For Daegu urban transit, there are two subway lines in operation from 5:30am until midnight all year round. During commuting times, trains run at an interval of 5 minutes, and during other times and on weekends, trains run at 7 minute intervals, stopping at 30 stations in total.

Daegu Metropolitan Transit Railway Corporation
053-643-2114(daytime), 053-643-2200(nighttime),
Lost & found 053-640-3333, Information 053-640-2192
Emergency 053-642-6007(Line 1), 053-642-6008(Line 2)


Subway Map

3.    Taxi

Taxis can be hailed in almost any city area in Daegu. Most taxi drivers in Daegu don't speak English well. Therefore, it is a good idea to tell them the major or well-known landmarks (hotels, department stores, markets, attractions) near the destination. When the lamps are illuminated - on the roof or on the right side of the dashboard - the car is available to pick up passengers.

Kinds of taxis
There are three kinds of taxis - general taxi, deluxe taxi, and call taxi. The latter two kinds offer a high standard of service compared to the first but are more expensive than regular taxi.

Call taxi
You can receive a call-taxi service within 5 minutes from calling to a taxi company from anywhere in Daegu. With an easy flow of transportation in and around the city, you can reach any tourist attraction you wish within a short time.
Hanmaeum Call taxi 053-424-1111

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