Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Living] Transportation (3)

1.    Driver's License

How to get a driver's license
1) You can apply for, and get a driver's license by following the steps in procedure of the driver's license test.
2) In case your driver's license is issued from countries accepted in Korea, it may be transferred to a Korean license(written test, course driving, and road driving tests not necessary)
- You can get the 2nd category Korean driver's license after a light physical test.
For those from countries with recognized contracts, you can get the first or the second category driver's license according to the contract between countries.
3) In case that your driver's license is issued from countries not accepted in Korea(course driving and road driving tests not necessary)
- You can get the 2nd category Korean driver's license after a light physical test and the written test.
For more details about driving licenses, please contact the nearest driver's license Agency(1577-1120,, or Daegu Driver's Licensing at 053-311-4092 & 053-311-4095.

2.    Vehicle Registration

It is convenient for you to let the car dealership register the car you purchased. Necessary documents are as follows:

Application documents for registration
Permission to drive the vehicle temporarily and temporary tag number
Vehicle certificate or import documentation
Inspection sticker
Certified copy of Alien Registration Card and passport
Proof of vehicle liability insurance
Registration fee receipt
Ownership certificate

-Vehicle registration office 053-749-1114,
Manchon-dong, Suseong-gu

-Seobu branch 053-749-1300
Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu

Used vehicle registration
You need to register used vehicles by yourself at a Vehicle Registration Office. If you don't transfer the ownership of a used vehicle within 15 days from the day of purchase, you will be charged a fine of 500,000 won.
Necessary documents for the transfer of ownership of used vehicle are as follows:
-Passport or alien registration card
-Certificate of alien registration (issued by the Immigration Office)
It is valid when it is issued within 15 days from the day of registration.
-Car registration certificate
-Certificate of transfer
-Certificate of the seller's registered seal, which is issued for the purpose of car ownership transfer
If the seller is an international person, he/she should also visit the Vehicle registration office when the buyer registers the transfer.
- Information: 053-749-1050,

3.    Car Rental

Car rental is available for those who want to drive in Korea.
Drivers must meet the following requirements to rent a car:
Have more than 1 year's driving experience
Have an international driver's license
Be over 21 years old
Possess a valid passport

Rental period
You can rent a car on a daily basis. For business purposes, long term rentals of one month or one year are also available. Cars can be rented from small and large sedans to vans. Rental is available any time, 24 hours a day. Expenses for gasoline are covered by the renter, and all responsibility caused by the driver's violation of traffic regulations must be borne by the person who has rented the car.

씨티렌트카 / City rent-a car 053-283-0075

새한글로벌렌트카 / Saehan Global rent-a car 053-961-3001

크게 보기

렌트카M / Rent-a car M 053-639-4123

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e렌트카 / e Rent-a car 053-743-9888

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논공영일운수렌트카 / Nongong Youngil rent-a car 053-615-3101

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극동렌트카 광장코아점 / Geukdong rent-a car Gwangjang Core branch 053-522-7500

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뉴그린렌트카 / New Green rent-a car 053-527-3004

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