Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[News/Press Article] Daeduk Horseriding Club

The base of Mount Apsen is home to several recreational facilities. I was interested in finding the horseriding school and finding out how much prices are for a lesson. Its a bit of a hilly climb walking in this neighbourhood but we eventually found the Daeduk HorseridingClub.

There are large sand fields outside the club and we didn't see any activities going on so we thought the place was closed. We then noticed the stables and asked if we could go inside. They agreed provided we were quiet and didnt use flash cameras.

Despite the smell and mosquitoes we saw many fine horses stabled in individual pens. These were much larger and intimidating than the horses I had rode recently in Inner Mongolia.

We then found the indoor riding track where lessons were taking place. I'm not sure what the pricing structure was but it seemed to be about 35,000w ($30) and we couldnt make out what the different price list was for.

The indoor riding field was divided into two sections. The smaller front section had children on horses that were all making a single loop circuit.

To the rear the remainder of the hall was for adult riders that could ride more freestyle despite the enclosed space. They were a bit more fussy about us taking photos here.

The viewing area was not too clear because of the glare on the windows but we found an upper viewing deck that was a bit clearer. Unfortunately one of our group was taking flash photography which could scare the horses and maybe throw one of the children so we were asked to leave.

If you want to take a lesson its best to get a korean friend to call and explain what the pricing structure is for and what time you can go. This appeared to be a lesson in progress so I dont think people can just show up anytime and saddle up.

To reach the riding club goto Wolchon Station near the end of the red line and head south towards Mount Apsen. The road will end at a Youth Activity Centre. Then walk left along the main street for a couple more minutes to the pedestrian underpass which is where the entrance approach road to the club is.
There is also an archery range closeby which I'll check out another time.

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