Thursday, June 14, 2012

[News/Press Article] Wolgok History Museum

The Wolgok History Museum is located in the south of the city by the foot of Mount Apsen and full of surprises. A former family home and a monument to a military commander, the museum is set in a small city park that incorporates several traditional buildings along with the main building.

The old family homes are closed to the public but you can still get a good view from the wall. The park is organized with several monuments around the main musuem building.

A small bamboo forest, unusual for Daegu, will lead you to a larger monument with sculptures all around. More typical of European art it is a curved bronze mural circling the pillar.

The main building has two floors. The first floor depicted traditional farming and weaving products. The second floor had more historic relics, traditional scrolls, and family portraits.

To reach the museum goto Wolchon station near the end of the red line. There are no signs posted on the station map or the streets but you want to head south towards Mount Apsen and right at the first large intersection by the apartment buildings.

When you reach the Homeplus Express and Paris Baguette take the left branch of the road and you will see the start of the park. It should be about a 5 min walk from the station.

Here is the museums webpage with a map from Wolchon Station

The museum has free admission.

The park also has a tourist info booth which can provide you with an english guide to other Daegu Museums, which I'll also be exploring.

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