Monday, June 18, 2012

[News/Press Article] Daegu Street Motor Festival

From June 9 2012 to June 10 Daegu hosted its annual motor show. Unfortunately, this seems to be somewhat of a well kept secret. I only found out about it last year after the event had taken place. This year I didnt hear till about two days before. However, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable event and I'm glad I did eventually get to see.

The venue was on Auto Parts Street by Myeongdeok Stn one stop south of Banwolding. It was closed to traffic and lined with a variety of cars parked down the length of the street.

The first section was for racing cars. I was able to sit in one which was gutted on the inside and just a shell except for the drivers seat. Also when you sit you almost sink to the ground as the seat is so low so need help getting back up.

Next were the historic cars. There were cars from each decade from both the USA, UK, and Japan. There was an old british car my dad used to drive in the 70s complete with a UK road tax sticker displayed on the windscreen.

There was a VW Beetle, a British Mini, and everyone's favourite a Lamborghini. Several of the models and costume characters from earlier were still walking by.

They also had two promo buses, one for Samsung Galaxy, one for Nikon Cameras. Both were retrofitted inside as showrooms.

It was quite a fun afternoon seeing so many colourful cars at a free outdoor event. Hopefully in future this will not be such a well kept secret so many more can enjoy this fun event.

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