Thursday, June 7, 2012

[News/Press Article] Daegu’s Very Own Herb Hillz

Need an escape from the bustling city but still want a great location within Daegu? Herb Hillz is natural theme park that is just a quick cab away! I’ve been to Herb Hillz a few times, both with my friends and with my school’s field trip. The biggest draw is that there really is something for everyone there.

My personal favorite attraction there is the ropes course, Eco-Adventure.  There are six different courses, with varying degrees of difficulty. My friends and I tried the King Kong Course, which is said to be the second most difficult, but had the most zip-lines. There is a huge variety in the courses, at times we were swinging from rope to rope like Tarzan, running through giant nets, sliding across a skateboard, or shimmying down a narrow rope. It is enough of a challenge that it could be used as a work out if you push yourself, but the harnesses hook into each section and ensure that anyone can try it out safely. There are much easier courses that even children can complete.

To do the ropes course,  you must pay 15,000 won (in addition to the 4,000 won entrance fee). This is paid at the park entrance. You should sign up for a training period right away, go to the Eco-Adventure desk to pick your time, because sometimes there is a long wait.

There is also a pretty cool petting zoo. They have a donkey, some sheep, geese, deer, bunnies, puppies, and guinea pigs. The same area also had closed cages for a few animals, such as fish, monkeys, prairie dogs, etc. Several times a day there is an animal show. This is entirely in Korean, and I went with my school. They had a jungle theme, and it was designed to be a comedy, though I didn’t follow a lot of the jokes. They had some seals, a parrot, and a monkey doing tricks. This show’s target audience seems to be Korean children, though your kids might enjoy it if they know some Korean.

My students enjoyed our trip to the herb garden. They had a chance to learn about types of herbs, and they picked out their favorite to plant and take home. This was entirely in Korean.

There is an area filled with miniature theme park rides near the back entrance. This was mostly geared towards kids, but some of the attractions were suitable for adults also. My friends and I loved this giant inflatable ball that was in the water. We ran and tried to stand up and did somersaults. It was pretty awesome and only 4,000 won.

There are tons of photo areas and little gardens, which make for great spots to have an iced coffee and relax. Be sure to check out the memorable sites, like the b-boy tree, the classical music themed garden, the trick art-style photo areas and tree house.

To get to Herb Hillz, take the Rapid 2 (the red bus) from downtown. You can get on from Jungangno Mass Transit Street (come up Jungangno Exit near the YMCA or Quiznos). You want to be on the side of the street opposite Quiznos and Lotteria. Get off at the stop before Spaland, it is about 30 minutes from downtown.

Basic admission fee: 4,000 won, but be sure to bring some extra for the various rides, snacks, and so on.

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