Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] The colorful world of Fabric, Seomun’s Fabric Market

One thing plenty of foreigners comment on is the price of linens in Korea. Coming from the US, I was surprised by the prices for things like sheets, towels and bedding, which are sold in the states at rock-bottom prices by super stores like Walmart. The best way to get around that, in my opinion, is to buy the fabric itself instead. You can sew it yourself or take it to a laundry shop as many of the workers offer good deals on sewing. 

In Daegu, the best place to buy fabric is Seomun Market. Seomun Market itself is well known as a place to buy souvenirs, bedding, food, and so on. There used to be a separate building next to it with only fabric, but due to a fire several years ago it has been moved a bit farther out. 

Getting there is easy, take the subway to Bangogae Station. It’s on the green line, and is only one stop past Seomun’s main market. Leave from Exit 1 and walk straight. The building is pale orange with a bright red stripe down the front; see the picture to get a better idea. 

If you want to decorate your home or classroom for the holidays, this is the place to go. Stop in for some seasonal decorations, table cloths, or blankets. The booths there sell all sorts of things for the holidays, such as hand sewn advent calendars for Christmas and Halloween themed table cloths! 

It is a great spot to check out for any Halloween costume ideas. Not many places in Korea sell finished costumes, but here they have all sorts of interesting fabrics that can help you make your own. 

Some booths sell fabric with batting sewn inside already, letting even the most novice sewer make a winter blanket for super cheap.

I went with a friend in search of fabric to make a duvet cover. We found some beautiful selections for reasonable prices. When I picked out the main fabric for the front, the woman there even took me to a competitor’s booth to show me a place to get a coordinating solid fabric for the back. True to the rest of Korea, everyone there was helpful and generous, willing to show their selections and haggle through the language barrier. 

* bus : 300, 323, 402, 405, 414-1, 600, 651, 808, 836, 성서2(Seong-Seo2)
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* subway : 서문시장 1번 출구 (Seomun Market Gate1)

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