Monday, July 16, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] A future landmark of the city, Daegu Line 3 Monorail

A future landmark of the city, 

Daegu Line 3 Monorail

Since I came to Daegu in August 2010 many parts of the city have been clogged by construction work taking place for the new elevated Line 3 Monorail. Now two years later, we are seeing much of what the final stage will look like. The city landscape is being changed with some striking new architectural features. 

Living at the northern end of Chilgok the new line 3 will be a welcome relief. Current bus journey times downtown are 45 mins on winding bus routes or one hour to DongDaegu Station. The new line will connect to downtown in about 15-20 mins and about 10 stations. Unfortunately the planned start date isnt until Oct 2014 and that could still get pushed back to early 2015. 

Finding a map of line 3 seems to be a bit of a challenge. Even though we know the construction route and where the stations are being built, a detailed station map is almost impossible to find. 

The Geumhogang river streches thru Daegu and separates Chilgok from Daegu City.  To cross this span a stunning new bridge is being built with three closed arches and cable supports for the river span. 
Further south from the new bridge another architectural support is being built outside SeoDaegu Bus Terminal. A giant arch is stretched and twisted across a four way intersection that intersects at an angle. This will become another striking new landmark of Daegu city. 

The track continues to downtown past Paldal Market. As this is the bus route for most buses from Chilgok I have been able to watch the progress over the last two years. 

Originally starting off as blue pillars in the winter of 2010, arch supports have since been added and the track has been laid except across intersections. The north stretch of the line will disect Chilgok in the middle terminating at the Chilgok end of the Mt Palgong range. The Chilgok line follows the Palgongcheon River that runs down the middle of Chilgok until meeting the main Geumhogang River. 

Further down river other stations are being built along with the track. Two more stations are being constructed north of Homeplus.  The line will end when the Palgongcheon River reaches the Mt Palgong mountain range. A new University Hospital has been constructed here. 

Interestingly this is passing thru large rice fields and vegetable plots north of the Homeplus and 7-Valley shopping centre. They wouldnt have routed the line here unless they had planned major urban development in the future. Its like witnessing the end of the era biking thru these rice and vegetable fields as I expect they will all be commercially developed once the line nears completion. 

Line 3 will head downtown and intersect Line 2 at Seumon Market, and Line 1 at Myeongdeok. The new line will give Daegu a futuristic look and become a recognizable landmark of the city.


  1. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see it when it opens!

    Kim Pedersen
    The Monorail Society

    1. I can't wait to see it either:) Thank you for visiting our blog!