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[Food] The authentic local specialty in Daegu, Ttarogukbap


The authentic local specialty in Daegu, Ttarogukbap
Red hot spicy with the deep flavor of broath.

I went to a Yukgaejang restaurant to introduce you the origin of Ttarogukbap. Yukgaejang, spicy beef soup, has evolved into Ttarogukbap through the years. I took the definition and history of Ttarogukbap from the official Daegu Tour site for your understanding.

Junstreet Yukgaejang

>>Ttarogukbap: Red hot spicy with the deep flavor of broath.

This unique food has a tradition of more than 50 years dating back to the days of Korean War. Ddaro Gukbap means “soup and rice served separated,” unlike similar foods in other regions. The soup is made by boiling the bones and guts over night then to add leeks, radishes, hot red pepper powder, and crushed garlic to give hot, spicy but at the same time refreshing flavor. It represents the most popular taste of hot-spicy flavor among the foods of Daegu. It gained its popularity from the refugees during the Korean War. The soup is kind of in-between Gomguk and Yuk Gae Jang. Many famous restaurants with their own traditions are gathers around between Jungang Crossroad and MMC Mangyunggwan Theater.

▲ entrance of the restaurant

This is the enterance of the restaurant called Jinstreet Restaurant. The restaurant building is a Korean style house that is a part of Seo hospital’s residence of the period of Japanese.

▲ red bricks and rusty steel bars in the narrow alley

The red bricks and rusty steel bars along the narrow alley made me feel like I am tracing the history of Daegu.

▲ stepping stone from Daegu Eupsung

This stepping stone is a part of Daegu Eupsung, Daegu fortress. It was destroyed by Japanese attack and some of the stones from the fortress used for building other structures at that time. This stone is one of the examples.

▲ Inside of the restaurant

Inside of the restaurant keeps the classic style then in vogue. The ceiling structure looks unique and elegant.

▲ A few side dishes

Ttarogukbap itself is a complete food which means that you don’t need many side dishes to eat with.  That is why Ttarogukbap restaurants serve a few side dishes such as sliced radish kimchi, seasoned cabbage, white kimchi, stir-fried anchovies as you can see in the picture compared to other restaurants. Don’t be disappointed with the number of side dishes because that’s the way it is. Some people say kimchi is the only thing you will need when you eat Ttarogukbap.

▲ I put rice into the soup

It is traditionally said that Ttarogukbap came from the way Yangban(social elite) class eat. They considered people of low birth put rice into soup. Thus, Yangban class ate rice and soup separately. I tried to eat it as the low birth people way in those days.

▲ beef in the soup

The meat was soft and tender for its thickness and the soup was also deep and tasty.

Ttarogukbap has a shared history with Daegu citizens. For that reason, I think Ttarogukbap is the best representative food of Daegu.

How about tracing the history of Daegu by eating the most representative food of Daegu today?

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