Friday, August 31, 2012

[Tour] Five Cultural Experiences in Daegu

Five Cultural Experiences in Daegu

Introducing five cultural experiences in Daegu! Experiencing Korean culture would be a good way to adjust to Korea. If you haven't tried yet, why don't you try these cultural experiences one by one?

 1. Temple stay & hands-on experience of tea ceremony 

While staying at a temple, you will appreciate being surrounded by nature. Buddhist service, tea ceremony, meditation, and related activities will help you on your journey to find yourself.

* Donghwasa Temple 053-982-0223,
* Pagyesa Temple 053-984-4550,
* Yugasa Temple 053-614-5115,

 2. Hands-on experience of traditional cultures at Keimyung Hanhakchon 

Hanhakchon offers a variety of hands-on experience programs, such as Chinese character drawing, traditional culture and etiquette courses, traditional plays, straw craft making, natural dyeing, and paper crafts, etc.

* Keimyung Hanhakchon 053-580-6984

 3. Experiencing farm stay 

You can experience farm product cultivation and fruit harvesting in a typical farm village. Feel the warm heart and emotion of the Korean people.

* Guam Village 053-983-5274,
* Culture & Tour Guide 053-986-6507

 4. Hands-on experience of oriental medicinal wellbeing 

Through diverse hands-on experiences of oriental medicine, including the medicinal materials, food harmony by constitutions, and physical check-up, you will be able to enjoy the traditional Korean herb medicine cultures.

* Information 053-253-4729

 5. Hands-on experience of natural dyeing 

You can appreciate naturally dyed relics, textile-related folk materials, and naturally dyed artworks. You will also be able to get hands-on experience in natural dyeing, Korean paper craft, and pattern.

* Natural Dyeing Museum 053-981-4330

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