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[Living] Intercity buses vs Express buses

Things you never knew 
about Intercity buses and Express buses

Over the last month, I’ve covered the information of intercity buses and express buses on our blog for your convenient travel. I guess those articles give you enough information for using each terminal and I am going to finish the series of bus terminal articles with interesting story of “Things you never knew about Intercity buses and Express buses”.

Let me start with the most distinctive differences of two terminals. Generally, express buses are used to travel from a big city to another big city. That’s why express buses take an expressway that charges toll fee. Intercity buses, on the other hand, are used for moving from a big city to a nearby small town, or for moving from a small city to another small one. Different from an express bus, an intercity bus takes national highway that doesn’t charge you toll fee.

<Destinations of Intercity Bus Terminals in Daegu>

Also, intercity buses mostly go to the southern part of Daegu which is the lower part of Daegu on the map. However, there are some destinations that both express buses and intercity buses go. As time went by, the areas that each bus terminal covers are overlapped, though the purpose of two buses’ systems was different at first. This makes foreign people, even Korean confused when they choose the bus terminal to go to some specific places. In this case, I recommend you to use an express bus because it is more comfortable and clean.

<Intercity Bus Terminal vs Express Bus Terminal>

If you’ve ever used both express buses and intercity buses, you must have been noticed that express buses are relatively better in performance and comfortable while intercity buses are less comfortable and they are more like intra-city buses. Because of that, express buses are more expensive than intercity buses. 

<Intercity Bus vs Express Bus>

As I already mentioned in the previous article, because intercity buses were designed to be used by Korean people and foreign guests were not considered when they were first built and serviced, the environment and facilities are less pleasant and less comfortable for you to use compared to other fancy transportation systems such as KTX or airports in Korea.

I want to stress again that intercity buses were not made for tourism or sightseeing, but they are considered as public transportation system. Therefore, experiencing intercity buses would be a chance to be closer to real life in Korea.

Click here for “Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal” information.

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