Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 London Olympic vs 2011 World Champiohships

Let’s recreate the fever of 
"IAFF World Championships Daegu 2011!"

2012 London Olympic is the talk of the town these days! All players over the world are doing their best with all their strength and people all around the world support their national teams day and night. As we are nearing the end of the Olympic, the main events track and field started on Aug 3rd. 

What crosses your mind when you hear the word “Track and Field events”? For me, it’s IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011. Last year, IAAF World Championships was held in my hometown, Daegu. For the people who watched the championships, it would be much interesting to watch the Olympic track and field events, comparing them with last year’s. Let's recall the fever of the World Championships with me :)

The hottest player in the Track and Field events will be Usain Bolt! Do you remember that Usain Bolt was disqualified from the final of the men’s 100m last year at the World Championships? He came out of his blocks before the gun and his disqualification caused shock in the stadium at that time!

That’s why much of the talk centered on the men’s 100m at the London Olympic this year. This time, he didn’t let us down breaking his own record on the men’s 100m race. And also, he ran men’s 200m final yesterday and won Gold medal again following the last year. Consequently, he became the first man ever to win both the 100m and 200m finals twice. He said, "I'm now a legend. I'm also the greatest athlete to live" after the game.

Next person we are going to talk about is Yelena Isinbayeva. She is a Russian pole vaulter called Flying beauty bird. She is twice an Olympic gold medalist in 2004 and 2008, a five-time World Champion and the current world record holder in the event. As a result of her accomplishments, she is widely considered the greatest female pole-vaulter of all time.

However, unfortunately, she didn’t make a good score at the World Championships last year and couldn’t show her ability at the women’s pole vault final of 2012 Olympic as well finishing the game with bronze. However, she promised her return in 2016 Olympic and we all look forward to seeing her winning a Gold medal in 2016.

We’ve heard good news few days ago in men’s 400m! Do you remember Kirani James who won the first gold medal in men’s 400m at the World Championships in Daegu? He took gold medal in the men's 400m again at 2012 Olympic and become the first non-American winner of the event since 1980. It’s very meaningful because he won the first Olympic medal in the nation and brought great honor to his country, Grenada.

Here’s another touching story for you! Do you remember Oscar Pistorius, known as “blade runner”? He is a South African sprint runner who runs with the aid of artificial limbs.

He has been the subject of criticism because of claims that his artificial limbs give him an advantage over runners with natural ankles and feet, however, he could have chances to run for both 2011 World Championship in Daegu and and 2012 London Olympic. Even though he failed to win medals in both games, we were all impressed by his passion for sports.

Now, London Olympic is reaching its end of journey. I wish all players do their best and make good scores and people enjoy the Olympics to the end!

If you are a huge fan of sports, please look forward to Korean national Sports Festival that will be held in Daegu in October. :) Hope to see you all at the event again ! 

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