Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] Mt. Apsan Cable Car & Viewing Platform

Mount Apsan Cable Car & Viewing Platform

Recently a friend from Busan was visiting Daegu for the first time before he leaves to return back home to Canada. We decided to visit Mount Apsan which would be a quick and easy trip from downtown instead of the Mount Palgong Temples further away. This was my first time back in more than a year and we experienced the new viewing platform that was added in recent months. 

As we were short on time and neither keen hikers we took the quicker option of the cable car to the top. The approach will take you to a small and interesting temple. There are several and more interesting temples if you hike the other side of the mountain, which I did on my first visit more than a year ago. 

We also passed a couple of monuments but weren’t sure who they were for.

The return cable car fare is 7000w ($6.25). Although the two cars run frequently you may have to wait a few minutes for more people to arrive before it leaves. 

On the ascent we began to see a good panorama view of the city 

A short walk from the cable car a new viewing platform has been constructed which extends out from the side of the mountain. This was not here on my first visit over a year ago. Conveniently they also have a labelled city map explaining the sights in view. Unfortunately it was a bit hazy and I live on the northern end in Chilgok which was obscured by a mountain range. 

We had a clear view of the US army base Camp Walker below, although it had been photoshopped out of the city map. I could also see the E-World/Duryu tower in the distance but again it was shrouded in haze. 

The peak is a popular place to visit at sunset or to see the city at night lit up. 

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