Monday, August 13, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall

Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall

I've been to several War Memorial Museums in Vietnam and Seoul and recently discovered one in Daegu at the base of Mount Apsan. The Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall is an interesting collection of exhibits from the Korean War and modern Korean Military. However, its best to go before you climb Mount Apsan as you may find it closed on your way back down after a long mountain hike.

The museum has free entrance and has some outdoor photo displays about the modern military and recent skirmishes with North Korea. In the main lobby is a large painting similar to the army recruitment posters of UK and USA from WWI saying 'your country needs you'. 

The main exhibit hall begins with the Korean War and has displays about the participating countries, war destruction, and combat casualties.

Back in the main lobby there were some illustrations showing abuse of north koreans 

There was also some interesting indoor sculptures and promotional exhibits on the City of Daegu.

Outdoor similar to the War Museums in Vietnam and Seoul there were old army aircraft, artillery and heavy equipment in the grounds.

There was also an indoor auditorium for school parties. This was a small and interesting museum, and something extra to do if spending some time at Mount Apsan

To get here is a short walk on the roadway from the bus parking lot.

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