Thursday, August 16, 2012

[living] Guideline for Online Banking Service from Daegu Bank

※ This guideline was made based on Window 7 and internet explorer environment. You may see some different images and directions in a different environment.

※ U should use internet explorer in order to use internet banking because of the security program. 

I've heard many foreign people want to know how to use online banking service in daegu, so I prepared the guideline for using online banking from Daegu Bank which is the most popular and widely used bank in Daegu. And also, I recommend you to use Daegu bank because it provides english online banking service for international people. (This article maybe helpful for those who want to use other banks as well.)

Before you start to use online banking service, you should visit the bank in person to register. If you don't have any bank account at Daegu bank yet, of course you should open one first. To open a new bank account, you need to bring your alien card and a stamp.(If you don't have a stamp, you can just write your signature).

* I recommend you to visit Daegu Bank Seongseo branch located near Seongseo-Industrial-Complex station (subway line number2). Some tellers working there can speak Indonesian, Chinese, and English because it is located near industrial complex where there are many foreigner workers. The address of the bank is below.

Daegu Bank Seongseo Branch
892-3 Igok-dong  Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea

You will need to make an ID and Passwords and after then, you will receive a secret card from the teller. You should remember the ID and passwords for registration and you should keep the secret card. You should know the numbers on the card whenever you use internet banking service. 

I am sure that the teller will kindly explain to you how to register and how to issue a public key certificate,  so I will just briefly explain here. Actually, once you issue a public key certificate, it wouldn't be difficult after then. 

Public key certificate is essential certificate for using internet banking and once you issue the certificate from any bank, you  can use it for all other online banking services, though you should register online banking services at each bank.

Guideline for Online Banking Service 
from Daegu Bank

If you are done understanding basic information of using internet banking service, let's open the Daegu Bank webpage. (

Click the internet banking service tap.

And then you will see this page. This means that you have to install keyboard security program first. Click the [설치(I)] button.

You would see many pop-up windows while you are installing the keyboard security program. You should click 예(Y) and Yes[허용(A)] for all pop up windows.

When the installation is finished, you would see this pop-up window. This pop-up window is for logging in the internet banking. However, you should issue a public key certificate first. After you issue the public key certificate, you will see the certificate appearing in the white blank space. So, let's just close this pop-up window for issuing the public key certificate for now.

Click the [Certificate Center] button with a lock icon on the left side of the page. You can also click the small [>certificate] button under the Certificate Log-In button.

Click the [For retail customer] button if it's your first time issuing the certificate.

Agree with the therms and conditions to proceed. 

From here, you just need to follow the direction. 

Let's see if you successfully issued the certificate. Choose the service that you want to use and click it. (Statements, Transfer, or My accounts.) I clicked [Transfer] for your understanding.

After clicking the [Transfer] button, you will see the same pop-up window when you finished installing the program, but this time, you will see your certificate information in the blank white space. This means that you successfully issued the certificate and you can use the internet banking from now on. Now, enter your password to log in.

Now I see the transfer steps. You will  have no problem using it after this, since they are all written in English. All you need to do is enjoying the convenient Internet banking service!

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