Monday, September 17, 2012

[Living] How to Use a Banking Machine in Korea!

How to Use a Banking Machine in Korea !

Ever wonder how so many foreigners survive in Korea with simple day to day activities such as banking? Actually, its not that difficult since there is an English option button on every machine in Korea. 

Here is a summary I made for two transaction types!

 (1) Withdrawing Money 

Press the English Button

Select From Language Choices

Select Transaction Type

Protect Your PIN Number

Enter Your PIN

Select Withdrawal Type

How Many 50,000 & 10,000 Notes Required

Verify Withdrawal Amount and Bills

Do You Want to Print Your Transaction Slip

Remove Card and Money 

Sound simple enough? Nothing that difficult about it!

Even common banking transactions such as paying bills can be done through an English ATM. Every utility, cable, or cell phone statement will give an account number for each of several banks for you to transfer money into. If you are transferring to an account with the same bank you can avoid transfer charges usually around 500w (.50 cents).

 (2) Paying Bills (Paying my gas bill) 

Select Bank to Transfer Money To

Enter Account Number to Transfer To

Enter Amount of Transfer

Beware of Phone Fraud

Transaction is Processing

Transaction is Complete

People actually prefer to transfer money between bank accounts for purchases rather than paying for things by credit card. Also this gives you no excuse not to pay your friend back money you owe if you're too busy to meet up!

If you don’t have your bankcard you can use your bankbook. It has a magnetic strip that acts the same as your bankcard. When updating your passbook it even turns the pages for you. There are also language options for Japanese and Chinese

Seems ATMS are a lot more advanced than back home! Online English banking and depositing money into your home country account is also relatively simple with my Korean bank.

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