Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] Daegu Rythm and Bike Festival !

Rythm and Bike Festival

Last weekend was the Daegu Rythm and Bike Festival which was taking place over two weekends. A week before last weekend was in Gwangju, and last weekend Daegu. I registered as it was a free event, I like biking, and had done similar biking events in the past both in Korea and Toronto. A large typhoon Sanba was due to hit last weekend so I was hoping it wouldn’t hit early during the event. 

For the event they were providing free bike rentals. However, I live quite far from the starting point at the west end of the green line and didn’t want to take a bus and subway all the way over. Instead I decided to bike the Geumhogang River trail all the way over (see previous entry), which would take me about an hour each way in addition to the actual event.

I've only ever biked as far as the Dasa bridge and this time I had to cross the bridge as the starting point was just a bit further from the bridge. The path continues on the other side of the bridge so you have to go along one side of the bridge and back down the other to continue on the biking path. 

At the starting point many people had already gathered by the registration tents. After registering, a free refreshment bag was provided at the far end with a chips bag and juice packet

There were two starting blocks for Group A and B depending on biking ability. After some welcoming speeches the event began.

Shortly after the starting point there was a hill path where it bottlenecked as everyone walked their bikes up. Then we continued to bike to what seemed like some kind of alien dome in the distance. Behind the dome was a large dam and the dome is actually somehow related to the dam, perhaps housing mechanical equipment. 

On the other side we are actually in Goryeong County which is not part of the City of Daegu. We passed by lots of farmland and went under a bridge which was the turning point to head back after getting free water bottles. 

We also had been given flags to attach to our bikes. I thought I had secured it but it fell down quite early so I had to hold it most of the time I was biking.

Then we biked back towards the river dam. It was interesting observing it again as there is a photo display and viewing platforms. If the weather was nicer it would have been nice to stop but the clouds were darkening with the impending typhoon Sanba. 

From the dam was a nice view of the city.

As we reached the finish line where we started from we were given another refreshment bag with another bag of chips, drink, and chocolate bar.

The performance stage area now had some warm up acts performing as the audience began to take their places. I wasnt going to stay for the evening show as I needed to bike home along the river for another hour and wanted to be home before it gets dark and any bad weather.

There were also typical food vendors seen at festivals and fresh fish being grilled from a fish tank. We were going to be given a 'free dinner' which the website said would consist of a ramyen cup but I needed to start biking home. 

It then took me quite a while to bike home along the river as I was now tired and it was starting to drizzle. I made it home before any bad weather hit. 

The path does continue to the coast in Busan but I'm not that adventurous unless its some kind of organized event.

It was nice that we did get so much free refreshments as we never had to pay to register for the event. The event route was somewhat short compared to past biking events but it was well organized

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