Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Food/Press Article] Authentic Phở in Daegu!

 Authentic Phở in Daegu 

Non-Koreanized Vietnamese phở is a rarity in Korea.  Luckily for the Daegu resident, there is one gem that serves up a bowl very similar to what is offered in Vietnam. Welcome to World Asia Market and Café Que Huong.  Tucked away on a diagonal side alley and behind another building, you would probably not care to venture back there. However it is worth the trek if you’re in the mood for great tasting phở and if you need to pick up a few grocery items not commonly found in Korean grocery stores.

Take Line 2 to Seongseo Industrial Complex Station.

Walk straight out of Exit 5.

There will be a big LG store on your right:

Walk for about a block and a half until you see a bus stop on the left.  This should be about a 5-minute walk.

You can type that name into the Daegu Bus webpage and go directly there, if you would like.  http://businfo.daegu.go.kr/ba/index/index.do?locale=en (Igok 1-dong Community Center/이곡1동 주민센터)

Behind the bus stop, on the right, is this shop and a side alley that runs diagonal to the main road.

Make an immediate right and you’ll see World Asia Market

The restaurant inside this market is named Café Que Huong, but that name is not displayed anywhere on the façade of the store front.

:The menu:

The items pictured above the menu, along with many other Vietnamese dishes not listed on the menu, are available, but you must call first and order before arriving.  Not too many people order those items, so they are not pre-prepared and easily served like phở.  The owners speak Vietnamese, English and Korean.

If it’s your first time, get the beef pho (phở bò) for 6,000KRW.
It will come  with a side of Thai basil, cilantro and some lemon wedges.

Garnish it with some Thai basil and cilantro.

Squeeze a wedge of lemon.

Add a spoonful of hoisin sauce.

Every table comes with hot sauce.  Add that if you want an extra punch to your phở.
Mix everything together and enjoy.

Phở is either served with the wide flat noodles

or thin string rice noodles.
If you are picky about which type of noodles, then let the staff know.

End your meal on a sweet note with Vietnamese coffee, available for 3,000KRW a glass:
This type of coffee is very concentrated and sweet.

: Bún bò Huế
This tasted like phở with a little bit of chili oil and was topped with different garnishes, like beef balls and cured slices of pork.  Note that bún bò Huế should not taste like that.  It was still delicious, nevertheless.

Balut eggs (fertilized duck eggs – not listed on the menu) are available at 1,500KRW per egg:

Uncooked balut eggs can be purchased at the counter.

Fried noodles with veggies and slices of beef - not listed on the menu.

After you’re finished eating, you can also do a bit of shopping.  Along two sides of the restaurant are shelves lined with goods from southeast Asia.

An assortment of Vietnamese instant rice noodle soups.


In the back of the restaurant is a refrigerator full of cilantro, Thai basil, mint leaves, lemon grass, lemons, and coconuts among many other items.

Stock up if you’re coming from afar!

★ Café Que Huong / World Asia Market

  ● Map:

  ● Address: 775-15 Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
  ●  T: 053-583-2004
  ●  F: 053-583-2025
  ● HP: 010-2369-4683, 010-2398-3797


  1. Thanks, I was looking for such a place!

  2. I actually saw this place and walked right up to it, not knowing what it was! It was a rainy day, and I didn't stop inside, but now I'll HAVE to go back~ Thanks for all the details!

  3. Went there on 10/10/13, The place changed there name to "PHO VIET". Now sure if they changed ownership or not. Still the best Pho in Daegu Korea. Also they didn't speak English. Thanks for the info on this place!!!

    1. CLARIFICATION: There are TWO Pho restaurants about one block from each other.

      Yesterday we used the directions above to shop at World Asia Market (also Café Que Huong). We did not eat at the cafe, just bought some basil and herbs. About half way between the LG store & the bus stop (explained in the directions above), is "PHO VIET". Pho Viet has both a cafe and a small market too. To see Pho Viet, it will be on your right about a block after you pass the LG Store (also on your right). You will see Pho Viet behind the car dealer parking area (Pho Viet is not on the main street, rather it is set back on the side street but easy to see on your right while you are walking). Both are own by Vietnamese and look similar in the food the prepare. Have fun!!!

    2. Thank you for the detailed info! :-) It'll surely help other visitors. :-)

  4. 감사합니다^^

  5. Do you know if we can buy and bring back home cilantro, Thai basil, mint leaves, lemon grass, lemons, and coconuts among many other items in the refrigerator at Asia World Market/Pho Viet?

    We are from Vietnam and visiting friends in Daegu; we want to cook Vietnamese food for our friends here and want to buy things to bring back to their home to cook.

    Thank you for creating this useful online page for visitors like us!!!

    1. Hello. I don't think you will be able to carry the raw food like the ones you mentioned to abroad. It won't be allowed at the airport :-(

    2. Yes, we stopped by yesterday and was easy to find the restaurant. We bought some herbs for cooking here in Daegu. THANK YOU!!!

  6. NomNom in Daegu by the new shinsagae department store. Tastiest broth and vietnamese food in KOREA.

  7. Glad to see that this restaurant is still open in the exact same location. Building has been totally remodeled however. Instead of having the giant "world Asia market" sign, it is now a black building