Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Food] Le Gout - Baked Sweets

 Le Gout  Baked Sweets

For those craving rich and sweet baked goods, head over to Le Gout.  
The tarts and cookies are on the pricey side, but it's worth it if you want to treat yourself to something nice.  Be prepared to pay upwards of 1700W for a cookie and 3500-3800W for a tart slice.

Take Line 1, the red line, to Myeongdoek Station.  Leave through exit one.

Walk straight and cross the road.  Keep walking straight until you see a bus stop on the left.  This is the Kyunpook Girls Commercial High School bus stop.

These buses go here.

Turn right, at the bus stop, onto this street.

Walk two short blocks and Le Gout will be on your right, on the following block.

Le Gout is French for "taste."  If you were to walk past this, you would not be able to tell that this is a tart and cookie shop.

The shop is very small, but there is enough seating for about 8-10 people should you decide to stay for a bit.

To purchase cookies to go, take one of these clear plastic bags and put in whichever cookie you would like.

Unfortunately for me, but very fortunate for my wallet, most of the selection of baked goods were gone.  

These goods were left when I arrived around 2pm.

These tarts were still available in the afternoon.

This berry clafoutis is 5500W for one.  It looked to be about 12 cm in diameter.
They have more tart choices, but those were all purchased already.  Those included apricot, pecan, cherry, and tiramisu. 
Go before noon if you want more of a selection.

If you plan on staying to enjoy the sweets, then you might want to get a pot of tea for 5000W.

Sadly, you cannot purchase any of these gourmet teas to go.  The number of tea canisters on display makes you think otherwise.

Tea will be served in a variety of tea pots and cups that are displayed on the cupboards as you walk in.

I treated my coworkers to some of these tasty sweets.

Le Gout

Address: 1802-12, Daemyeong 2 Dong, Namgu, Daegu  
 Open from:  9AM ~  9PM
 Contact: 010-9300-6379


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