Monday, October 29, 2012

[Food/Press Article] Samarkand, Uzbek Cuisine

Uzbekistan restaurant, Samarkand

Who would've thought that an Uzbek restaurant existed in Daegu?  And, in downtown of all places?  Conveniently located just less than a 10 minute walk from the Lotte Young Plaza CGV, Samarkand is the place to go if you're in the mood for lamb or something other than Korean food. 

Samarkand is an important city within Uzbek culture as it was an important stop along the Silk Road.  It is currently the 2nd largest city in Uzbekistan.

To get to Samarkand Restaurant, take the subway, Line 1, to Jungangro Station.  Leave through the escalators at exit 7.  Walk straight and make the first left.  Walk straight.  Samarkand is at the end of the 2nd block, on your left and on the 3rd floor.  The restaurant may look closed from the tinted windows at night, but walk up the steps to make sure.  It is most likely opened.

The menu is in Uzbek, Korean and there are some English words scattered about, but there are plenty of pictures to help you. The wait staff can converse in all 3 languages.  Entrees range from 6-10,000W.  The most expensive item was the grilled fish priced at 15,000W.

Try the Uzbek version of beef pilaf, which is called "pavlov" in Uzbek:

You may get a plate of pickled carrots.  I wasn't sure why I got a plate.  It wasn't charged on the tab, though.

Served alongside your meal will be grated cabbage and carrots and Korean style pickles.

The samosas have a crunchy, flaky crust and are filled with beef.

Lamb and potatoes - this was called "grilled meat and potatoes" on the menu.

Labeled as Chiz-Bif on the menu, this lamb item tastes just like the grilled meat and potatoes. Overall, the lamb is very tender and flavorful.

If you're in the mood to drink, there are a few vodka options.  I'm no vodka expert, but this vodka burns just like other vodkas.

The wait staff confirmed that the vodka they gave me was an Uzbek brand vodka.  No difference was discerned.  I was dismayed there was no blue colored vodka like the one some acquaintances had drank at Samarkand just 4 months earlier.  800g of vodka will run you about 7,000W.

There are more vodka options.

Imported Uzbek and Central Asian goodies are available.

A look at the interior.


Address: 2-3 Dongseongno 2-ga Jung-gu, Daegu‎
● Contact: 053-252-4021 


  1. the triangle pastries are actually Samsa's not Indian Samosa's but a variation on the same theme :)

  2. the map marker is wrong, its just south of 'buy the way' on donseongno shopping street

    1. Oh. I made a mistake. I just corrected the map. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  3. Last year i got flight from Uzbekistan Airways i really enjoyed Uzbek culture where i have seen Islamic historical culture which is said Sufism culture that is belongs from central Asia.

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