Friday, October 19, 2012

[Festival/Press Article] When PSY brought "Gangnam Style" to Daegu Stadium

When PSY brought "Gangnam Style" to Daegu Stadium

Last week saw the opening ceremonies of the week long Daegu National Sports Festival. These are week long national finals for competitors at the High School and College level in many disciplines outside of track and field.

The highlight and finale of the Opening Ceremonies of the Daegu National Sports Festival was a performance by internet and international megastar PSY performing his breakout hit "Gangnam Style"

The audience had been in wild anticipation all evening awaiting his arrival. There were already massive crowds backed up into the subway to get to the stadium to see the performance.

Far from being a "one hit wonder" his opening act was not 'Gangnam Style' and he proceeded to sing a variety of songs I'd never heard but the crowd seemed to be enjoying.

Some of the performers on the stadium field were allowed to surge to the stage and get a close up personal performance. 

Police lines formed a ring around the other entrances to the field and sadly the officers had to stand with their back to the stage the whole time as they formed a human chain to stop others from rushing the field. 

After his opening songs everyone was rewarded with what they had been waiting for, a live performance of "Gangnam Style". PSY was joined on the stage by a group of dancers who performed his crazy dance moves to complement his performance. 

PSY was quite a performer and knew how to work the stage, moving to both sides to let fans and gathered media access him from all angles.

It reached fever pitch as he performed his signature song but we opted to sneak out once he was done to avoid the crowds, as he still had another song to perform. 

As we were leaving there was a massive fireworks show finale. We actually had a better view from outside the stadium and got some good shots as we were leaving. 

It was a great opening for what would end up being a highly entertaining week of sporting events. 

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