Monday, November 19, 2012

[Living/Press Article] Daegu Film Posse

Daegu Film Posse

If you're free every other Monday evening at 10:30pm, take yourself down to Commune's and enjoy a film and a drink.  Films range from unknown Hollywood greats to independent flicks.  Comedies are shown as that genre suits a bar atmosphere the best.  Sometimes holiday films are shown during a particular holiday season.  The group takes requests, too.

Started in October 2010 by two friends, Steve Mayeux and Rob Yates, the Daegu Film Posse was a way for friends and strangers to gather and watch an assortment of films.  Hyun Shik Hwang, the owner of Commune's, is also a fan of movies, so the group has been allowed to stay for its third year.

Currently staying strong under the guidance of Jarrod Clegg and David Mansell, these men have shown movies such as "The Room", described by Hyun Shik as, "The Best and Worst movie you guys have ever shown here", to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", which is Jarrod's personal favorite.  

If you have an independent film that you've made, these gentlemen will gladly show it.  Just let them know beforehand.

Stay tuned for the next movie night.  The movie will be determined later.  So, come downtown, meet some strangers and make some friends.

Commune's Lonely Hearts Club:

There are many ways to get to Commune's.  

Here's one route
Take any subway line to Banwoldang Station.  From the center of Banwoldang,  Walk east towards exit 15 through the underground shopping mall.  The eastern exit 15 is not shown on the subway map, so it has been marked for you.

For more information on what will be shown and when, go to the group's facebook page at:

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