Friday, November 9, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] Duryu Park Bike Rentals!

Duryu Park Bike Rentals

Many cities have a large urban park for its city residents to stroll and relax in. London has Hyde Park, Regents Park, and Hampstead Heath, Toronto has High Park, and New York has Central Park. Daegu has Duryu Park which takes up a large chunk of the city in the south west.

I recently visited Duryu Park for the National Sports Festival as the Aquatic Events were being held there. Close to the aquatics facilities was a bike rental place with over a hundred bikes to choose from. The manager spoke some English and was able to explain the pricing

A regular bike costs 3000w/hr, a tandem two person bike costs 6000w/hr, while a skateboard style one costs 4000w/hr.

There are many styles in each category to choose from. 

Sizes range from small children tricycles to adults sports bikes and tandem bikes. 

Duryu Park is quite large and has many facilities such as a Judo Centre, Aquatics Centre, Tennis Courts, Culture and Arts Centre, Sculpture Garden, Baseball Ground, Tourist Information Centre, a lake, and several temples. Nearby is also the Kolon Outdoor Music Hall and E-World Amusement Park.

The bike rental facility is on the southeast corner. From Duryu Station on the Green Line you would go south, or from Seongdangmot on the Red Line go east. 

You can plan a fun afternoon with your friends, meeting up, having a leisurely bike ride, and even a picnic while the weather is still nice. Many families also like to come together or grandparents spending time with their grandchildren. 


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