Friday, November 30, 2012

[Tour] Stay Overnight at a Traditional House

Stay Overnight at a Traditional House

Daegu, with its population of 2.5 million residents, has become a modern metropolis of high rise apartment complexes, busy streets and concrete structures. There is little evidence of “old Korea” in this fast-paced urban center. Old-style dwellings have been abandoned for a modern, some would say more convenient living environment. However, there are many people who miss the old days, when things were slower. 

For these people, special accommodations have been prepared to satisfy their needs, and take them back to a simpler time. These are the traditional house at Otgol Village and the former Guamseowon Confucian Academy. 


The traditional house, called Baekbul-gotaek is located at the foot of the Mt. Palgongsan in Otgol Village. Baekbul-gotaek is the oldest traditional house in Daegu, dating from the Joseon Dynasty, and is one of the best representations of the houses and lifestyle of the Yangban or ruling class. The house is composed of Several Structures, including the Salimchae, a living space with a traditional kitchen, built in 1694; Sarangchae, a building for men, reconstructed in 1905; and the Bobondang, a family shrine, built in 1742. In this traditional house, three rooms are available to rent, each of which can accommodate up to three persons at a cost of 100,000 won per person, per night. Toilet facilities and showers are located in a separate building. Guests can enjoy traditional plays during their stay free of charge; however, the house does not offer kitchen or dining room services. Fortunately, a number of quality restaurants are located nearby. 

Baekbul-gotaek / Photo courtesy of Daum Cafe Dachaeum

   ● Direction
      : Take Donggu 3(To otgol) and get off at Gyeongju Choe's Head House.


Another traditional style house is located in the downtown area of Daegu. Previously known as the Guam-seowon, a Confucian academy, the building was moved to what is now the downtown area of Daegu in 1718. With the expansion of the city over the subsequent centuries, the Confucian Academy was eventually relocated to the Sangyeokdong, Buk gu area of Daegu in 1995, leaving the original structure empty. Now renovated as a representative traditional style structure, the building offers four rooms, which can accommodate two to five people, depending on the size of the room. Rooms for two are available at 40,000 won per night; rooms for three are available 60,000 won per night; and rooms accommodating up to five quests are available at 100,000 won per night. The building is furnished with a fully functional kitchen which guests can use, as well as a shared bathroom. Check-in time for these traditional-style accommodations is 2pm; check-out is at 10am. Since these traditional houses are built mainly of wood, smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms, and when smoking outside, guests are asked to use extreme caution.

● Direction
   : Take one of 623, 653, Circle 2, Circle 2-1 buses and get off at Sangyeok Cultural Center.

For more details on these traditional houses, please contact the Daegu Cultural Heritage office at 428-9900.

[ Courtesy of Chingusai Vol. 109 ]