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[Events] 2013 New Year Events in Daegu

2013 New Year Events in Daegu

Each District of Daegu holds various New Year Events on New Year’s day! Come out and watch the first sunrise of the year together and experience Korean New Year traditions! Find your nearest venue and check each event information below! 

   Bukgu District

[Adieu 2012 Welcome 2013 New Year’s Eve Concert]

You will enjoy the Orchestra concert, chorus, handbell performance, and Korean traditional music performance. In addition to the main concert, there will be additional events like New Year countdown celebration, flying wish-balloons, and fireworks!

   ● Date: 2012. 12. 31 (Mon) / 10pm
   ● Venue: Daegu Metropolitan city Bukgu Culture and Arts Center
   ● Additional Event: New Year countdown celebration, flying wish-balloons, fireworks
   ● Admission: Free on a first come first served basis. (Door entry starts from 9pm)
   ● Inquiry: 053-665-3081

[2013 Bukgu Wishing Well Event]

You can enjoy New Year event such as flying wish-balloons in addition to other music performance and New Year’s ceremony.

   ● Date: 2013. 01. 01 (Tue) / 08:00 ~ 09:00am
   ● Venue: Unamji Riverpark Square
   ● Inquiry: 053-665-2172, 053-326-2555

   Seogu District / Dalseogu District

[2013 Seogu New Year Event]

Various events are prepared for Seogu people! We will practice Korean traditional custom such as stepping on the god of the earth(지신밟기), ritual ceremony, and folk performance. The event will be followed by flying wish-balloon event and other additional events. Free rice cake soup will be provided at the end of the event too! 

   ● Date: 2013. 01. 01 (Tue) / 06:40 ~ 08:00am
   ● Venue: Mt. Waryong (Sangribong Heliport)
   ● Additional Event: Korean folk performance, eating Ddeokguk (Rice cake soup)
   ● Inquiry: 053-663-2164

   Namgu District

[2013 Namgu New Year Event]

Before rising sun, performers will play pungmul(traditional Korean folk performance) and after sunrise, we will give three cheers all together to celebrate New Year! 

   ● Date: 2013. 01. 01 (Tue) / 07:10 ~ 08:05am (estimated sunrise time 7:33)
   ● Venue: Riverside of Shincheon (Between Jungdonggyo bridge and Sangdonggyo bridge)
   ● dditional Event: Flying wish-balloons, photo zone, climbing Mt. Apsan

   Suseonggu District

[2013 Suseong New Year Event]

Participate in wish-drum hitting event and flying wish-balloons event before watching sunrise! Watching big drum performance and other events will give you another joy! Also, don’t just pass eating Ddeokguk(Korean rice cake soup)!

   ● Date: 2013. 01. 01 (Tue) / 07:00 ~ 08:00am (estimated sunrise time 7:36)
   ● Venue: On top of Mt. Cheoneul (A mountain behind Gosan elementary school)
   ● Additional Event: Paid Rice cake soup will be prepared at the play ground of Gosan elementary School. 
   ● Inquiry: 053-666-2163

   Donggu District 

★ [2013 Donggu New Year Event] ★ – Official New Year Event of the city

We will have a bonfire before sunrise and some tradition music performances will be performed. You will have a chance to see a demonstration of Korean traditional kite artisan’s flying kite! We will all eat Korean traditional New Year food, Ddeokguk(Rice cake Soup).

   ● Date: 2013. 01. 01 (Tue) / 07:00am
   ● Venue: Dongchon Amusement Park

   Dalseonggun District

[2013 Dalseonggun New Year Event]

New Year event of Dalseonggun will take place at 6 different places. Find the nearest place and let’s watch the first sunrise of the year together! New year ceremony will be followed by pungmul play, eating Ddeokguk(Korean rice cake soup) event and flying wish-balloon event.

   ● Date: 2013. 01. 01 (Tue) / 07:00am
   ● Venue: 6 venues - Hwawon hill observatory(Hwawon), Gangjeong Goryeongbo Tanjudae(Dasa), Mt. Choijeong (Gachangmyeon), Nakdong riverside Uam Temple(Okpomyeon), Mt. Biseul Johwabong, Mt. Daeni(Gujimyeon)

* Photos courtesy of Daegu Travel 

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