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[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 6th story of food streets in Daegu!

Taste DAEGU, 
The 6th story of food streets in Daegu! 

4. Bukseong-ro Pork Bulgogi Alley

A small industrial tool shop street turns to Pojangmacha vendor flock! The only menus of the pojangmacha are only charcoal-grilled pork bulgogi and Udong, but once you taste bulgogi’s unique and deep charcoal-grilled flavor, you would be addicted to it. Spicy but refreshing Udong soup will warm you up from the inside out.

Address: Dalseong-ro 22-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
 Bus: Take 651 or 653 bus and get off at Gyeongjin Techvill bus stop.

5. Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Alley

Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Alley started with only four chicken restaurants in 1983 and since then the number of chicken restaurants has reached to 33. The restaurants sell One of the Daegu’s famous foods, Dakddongjib (sauteed chicken gizzards). They are usually served in three different ways, Fried Dakddongjib, Dakddongjib seasoned with sweet sauce and Dakddongjib seasoned with sweet and salty soy sauce. This street is always crowded because of Dakddongjib’s irresistible charms. 

 Address: 6-5 Ayang-ro 9-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
 Subway: 10 - 15mins walk from Dongdaegu Subway Station
 Bus: 156, 401, 414-1, 521, 618, 708, 808, 937, 980, Donggu3, Palgong1, Rapid1, Circle2-1 stops at Pyeonghwa Market
            618, 708, 808, 937, 980, Donggu3, Rapid1 stops at on the opposite side of Pyeonghwa Market

6. Anjirang Yangnyeom Gopchang Alley

The Anjirang Market, formed in the middle of the road leading from the Anjirang five ways crossing to Anjirang-gol, is a pig offal BBQ town. There are about 40 restaurants on each side of a 500m long alley and the restaurants scenery itself is worth to see. It is a rest area for ordinary people thanks to its affordable costs, and recently it is developing into a youthful sector led by our young population. Reparation and modification of signs, installation of hand washing facilities, and expansions and improvements to the eateries were made to vitalize the district in 2007.

 Address: 23-1 Daemyeong-ro 36-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea
 Subway: Take exit3 at Anjirang Station, Line1
 Bus Bus: 106, 410, 518, 564, 604, 649, 651, 805 stops at Anjirang Intersection 2
                   106, 410-1, 518, 564, 604, 649, 651, 805 Dalseo4 at Anjirang Intersection 1

7. Apsan Café Street

Fabulous restaurants and cafes are placed in Apsan Café Street. Unique designs of each café go very well with Mt. Apsan scenery and it’s beautiful all year round. Because of its exotic atmosphere, it’s easy to find online shopping mall models posing in front of cameras.

 Address: 193 Daemyeongnam-ro (506-2 Daemyeong-dong), Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea
 Bus: 452, 750 stops at Nammyeong Intersection1
           452, 750, Dalseo2 stops at Nammyeong Intersection 2 

8. Bokhyeon Ogeori Makchang Alley

When you walk down along the north gate of Kyungbuk University, you will see Makchang Alley next to Bokhyeon Ogeori. Because of its good taste, and good value for money, many people including the university students visit here to drink with their friends and family. You’d better to use public transportation to get here because most of the restaurants don’t have parking space. 

 Address: 11 Gyeongjin-ro 1-gil (401-4 Bokhyeon-dong), Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea
 Bus: 300, 305, 323-1, 410-1, 706, 719 Stops at Bokhyeon Post office
           303, 323, 410, 719, 836, 937, Donggu1, Bukgu1, Bukgu2, Circle3 Stops at Bokhyeon Five way intersection1

9. Restaurants Near Kyungpook National University

There are about thirty restaurants on the opposite side of Kyungbuk University. Most of the customers are university students but people living near the university also often visit the restaurant area due to the variety of food with reasonable prices. The street is always crowded with people. 

 Address: 5-2 Daehak-ro 25-gil (1277-1 Sangyeok-dong), Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea
 Bus: 300, 305, 323-1, 410-1, 706, 719 at opposite side of Kyungbuk National University North gate
           300, 305, 323, 410-1, 706, 719 stops at Kyungbuk National University North gate

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