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[Food] Santa Margherita, an Italian Restaurant in Daegu!

Santa Margherita, an Italian Restaurant

As Daegu becomes more globalized so too has its restaurant scene, with an ever increasing number of international establishments to choose from. For fans of Italian cuisine, Santa Margherita comes highly recommended for its delicious food, modern spacious interior, and stylish atmosphere.

Santa Margherita is located in the Suseong-gu area near the Dusan Junction and Suseong Lake. The four-story building is beautifully designed and can easily be mistaken for an art gallery. The first floor of the building offers a sushi buffet; the second floor is where you will find the Italian restaurant. 

When you enter the restaurant, either by taking the stairs or the elevator, you will be greeted by a lofty and spacious interior. With 40 tables, the restaurant offers a number of seating arrangements to accommodate large gatherings, small groups or quiet, romantic dinners for two. The most preferred tables are, of course, the window tables; though getting one without a reservation can be tricky. It is highly recommended to book in advance just to be sure. 

Santa Margherita is fairly large, allowing for an enjoyable meal even at the busiest of times. Even those situated in the central area of the floor will not be disturbed by neighboring tables. If you prefer more privacy, you can reserve a seat in a separate room. On the left side of the restaurant, there is an elevated section with tables and chairs, yet another seating option.

Of course, the first thing to consider when selecting a restaurant is the quality and taste of the food. In that sense, Santa Margherita is sure to please even the most discerning of diners. Being an Italian restaurant you obviously have many options when it comes to pizza and pasta dishes, but those looking for something else can select from a wide range of delicious salads and hearty main courses that use only the freshest ingredients. Prices are reasonable considering the quality of the food.

 Another great feature of the restaurant is its third floor with its open deck, where you can enjoy a coffee or beer while taking in the fantastic view of Suseong Lake and the surrounding area. It looks especially beautiful at night. If you have some time to spare, a leisurely walk around the lake might be a perfect way to end the evening.

[ Courtesy of Chingusai Vol. 109 ]

  Santa Margherita 

  ● Address
     : 433-2 Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

  ● Business Hours
     - Weekdays 11:30am ~ 12:00am 
     - Saturdays  11:30am ~ 01:00am 
     - Sundays    11:30am ~ 10:00pm

  ● Inquiry / Reservation
     : 764 - 3199


  ● Take 400, 400-1, 449, or 604 bus and get off at Suseong land Bus Stop.

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