Friday, December 7, 2012

[Living] Where to buy Christmas tree decorations and items in Daegu?

Where to buy 
Christmas tree decorations and items in Daegu?

Christmas is around the corner! The whole city is decorated with Christmas ornaments and beautiful lights. You may want to decorate your own trees this year. Then, where do you think are the best places to buy Christmas trees and decorations?

The tree shops selling trees of various sizes and ornaments is located near chilseong market. Some of the stores even sell real trees which are not commonly found in Korea.

To get there, take subway line 1 and get off at Daegu Station and take exit 4 
or take one of 414-1, 414, 623, 303-1, 618, 708, 708, 101, 101, 420-1, Bukgu2, Donggu2, Gachang2, Donggu1, Donggu1-1, Donggu3, Rapid2, Rapid1, Rapid3 buses.

You will see lots of street flower shops on the left and right when you get out of the subway station.

  아트토피아 (Art-Topi-A)

This is the shop where you can buy real trees as well as decorated trees and tree decorations. 

  피움아카데미 (Pium Academy)

Pium Academy has a lot of adorable doll ornaments. Small sized decorated trees were sold at only 10,000w.

  아트플라워마트 (Art Flower Mart)

Art Flower Mart was the biggest flower shop that sells a wide range of trees and many kinds of ornaments and decorations.

  대구꽃백화점 (Daegu Flower Department Store)

Daegu Flower Department Store is a huge flower complex. Christmas products are on sale on the third floor. There were various kinds of Christmas trees and decorations. You can find unique and beautiful Christmas lights, decorative balls, and snowflake-shaped ornaments, as well as party items such as candlesticks.

You can try to negotiate a lower price and the shops will provide free delivery service as well.
Enjoy making your own trees and have a merry Christmas! :D 

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