Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Tour] Mt. Biseul Ice Sculpture Festival

Mt. Biseul Ice Sculpture Festival

Mt. Biseul Ice Sculpture Festival is one of the representative winter festivals in Korea! The Ice Park where the festival is held opened in 1998 for the first time as the first ice park in the nation and it holds ice sculpture festival every year in around december to attract people all around the nation. 

This year’s festival started on December 24th and it will last until February 17th. The festival gets better every year thanks to the supports of the visitors. Many people around me already have visited the festival despite of cold weather and I went there too to introduce the festival to you. Why don’t you look around the festival with me?!

 ★  Mt. Biseul Ice Sculpture Festival 

    ●  Where? Mt. Biseul Recreational Forests, Dalseonggun, Daegu
    ● When? 2012. 12. 24 ~ 2013. 02. 17 / 9:00am ~ 10:00pm 
    ● Admission? Free
    ● What? Ice wall, Ice cave, igloo, ice pyramid, Ice independence gate and other lighting decorations, 
                   sledging in the snow, sliding on the ice slide
    ● Address: 230 Hwuyangrim-gil, Yuga-myeon San 10 Yong-ri), Dalseong-gun, Daegu

 ★  To get here 

    1. Daegu bus operated on Sat, Sun, holidays: 606, 달성5(Dalseong5) – 40-50min interval
    2. At Seongdangmok Station (Daegu Subway 1, Exit No.3), cross the street and take Bus No.601 bound for Wolbae. 
       Get off at Sodaesa bus stop.(Buses run on weekend and Holiday. 
       6:28 a.m., 7:52 a.m., 10:12 a.m., 11:42 a.m., 1:13 p.m., 3:25 p.m., 5:03 p.m.)
    3. Daegu express bus: Daegu – Hyunpung(현풍)

When I get to the park, I could see people entering to the Ice cave and Ice tunnel. They were not bigger than I expected but still beautiful because of the icicles hanging from the ceiling of them. They are especially beautiful at night with colorful lights. 

Penguins that made me feel like I’m in the arctic were placed here and there. Penguins were cute but the Korean tiger in the huge ice cute was the most famous attraction in the ice park. Especially kids were excited and wanted to take pictures with it. 

Besides the ice cave and tunnel, there were a lot of ice sculptures of cute animation characters.

On the other side of the park, kids were having fun, riding ice sledding and going down the ice sliding. It's lucky to ride ice sledding because it is not commonly found in the city anymore. 

This winter festival is an ideal place for both children having fun in the nature and for adults to remind their childhood memory. 

This is the way Daegu people enjoy winter!
Why don’t you come and have fun at the local winter festival? :)

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