Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Living/Press Article] Daegu's very own pocket pool group!

Daegu Dangu
Daegu's very own pocket pool group

"Build it and they will come."  And, that's just what Daegu Dangu's founder did.  The pocket pool group meets downtown every Wednesday evening at 9pm at McQuire's.  People from all skill levels are welcomed to play. You'll be matched or paired according to your level.  

If you want to play and you're not that good, then don't fret. Consistent practice will improve your skill and the group will help you if you ask for tips.

Some members know how to play a variation of pocketless pool. If you're interested, let them know and create an event. Remember, "build it and they will come."

There's no fee to meet or join unless you want a drink or food from the bar. The drink menu is typical of western style bars with an assortment of cocktails, Cass on tap and imported foreign beers available. The food is western fusion - think hot dogs, without a bun, with a side of fries.

How to get to McQuire's:
Walk east along the Banwoldang station shopping concourse towards the bar area and leave through the Metro Plaza Exit 15. There will be a CU convenient store on the street level.  Make a left at that point. McQuire's is just a short distance away. Look at the map for reference.

To join the Facebook group, then click here:

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