Friday, February 1, 2013

[Tour] Daegu Police History Experience Hall

Daegu Police History Experience Hall

Did you know that Daegu has a special Museum called Daegu Police History Experience Hall? The Police History Experience Hall is where you can experience being locked up in a police cell and can learn the history of Korean Police. Since it’s opening in 2011, it has been a great place for children’s education. 

Daegu Police History Experience Hall is located in Daegu Jungbu Police Station which has 116-year-old history and it’s the first and only police station that has the place where people can explore police cells. 

The experience hall is two-story building made up of real police cells and other police stuff. 

First floor has Memorial hall, Costume exhibit hall, Visitor’s room experience hall, Forensic science experience hall, Police uniform experience hall and Jail experience hall. 

You can wear police uniform and take pictures with real police bikes. Why don’t you try to be a Korean police officer for a minute?

Second floor has Media hall, history hall, Weaponry exhibit hall, Crime guidance exhibit hall, Memorial hall. The exhibition halls display police equipment, weapons, and other visual materials explaining the history of police.

How about visiting this unique place this weekend?! 
This will be one of the must-see exhibition while you are living in Korea! 

  How to get there?

  ● Address: 1-4 Seomunno 1ga (55 Gyeongsanggamnyeong-gil), Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

  ● Bus
    - 508, 600, Rapid1 Gwak Hospital Bus Stop2
    - 5323, 400-1, 427, 939, Bukgu3 Mangyeonggwan Bus Stop
    - 5323-1, 400, 427, Donggu2, Bukgu3 Mangyeonggwan Bus Stop
    - 5156, 309, 425, 521, 623, 724, Donggu2, Rapid3 Gwak Hospital Bus Stop1
    - 5156, 309, 425, 508, 521, 600, 623, 724, 909, 939, Rapid1, Rapid3 Gwak Hospital Bus Stop1

  ● Subway
    - 5Take Subway line 1 and get off at Jungangno Station. Take exit 4.

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