Friday, February 15, 2013

[Living/Press Article] Alternative to Costco - E-Mart Traders

Alternative to Costco - E-Mart Traders

If you haven't bought a Costco membership, but would like more western options when grocery shopping, then head to E-Mart Traders, the E-Mart version of Costco that requires no membership fees.

Located on the northwestern side of Daegu, it is out of the way for most people just like Costco, but it's worth the trip just to get American cured bacon and an assortment of cheeses. Tortillas are available, but some Home Plus stores stock these. Additionally, the crowds are not as intense in numbers as Costco's.  Perhaps it's because E-Mart Traders is a smaller store.

The prices are similar to that of Costco's, but certain items, like some cereals, that can be found at regular E-Mart stores are slightly cheaper when bought in bulk at E-Mart Traders.

The store consists of two floors.  
The bottom floor has a selection of produce, meats and dairy items. 

The top floor stocks electronics, clothing, shoes, alcohol and some food items like cereals.  Free food and drink samples are offered throughout the store.

The food court is near the entrance and offers pizza by the slice for 2,400W or 11,500W for a whole pie.  The pizza quality is okay.  It's nice to be able to order a slice instead of a pie sometimes.  If you enjoy your chopped onions with mustard and ketchup, or you're looking to try the concoction, you'll be disappointed as it is unavailable.

You can pay with cash, a cheque card, or a credit card unlike Costco where only cash or the Samsung credit card is accepted.  The E-Mart point card is accepted as well.

★ How to get there:

From the Yangnyeongsi bus stop downtown, the one near the police station, take the #704 or #730 to E-Mart Bisan Branch bus stop.  The ride should be less than 25 minutes. The bus will drop you off right in front of the store.  

The following buses also go to the E-Mart Bisan Branch bus stop: 427, 527, 708, 719, 724, 726, 750, 북구1, 칠곡 2.


  1. Great! Thanks for the post!

  2. The Daegu monorail line 3 will get you there, too. Stop at Gongdan station -- the store is visible from the raised platform.