Monday, February 18, 2013

[Food/Tour Press] Man in the Kitchen Restaurant

A Western Style Restaurant with Friendly Staff
Man in the Kitchen Restaurant

This week we had an English teachers dept dinner for the end of semester as four staff members were leaving. Unusually we went to a western restaurant and surprisingly the name of the restaurant was the somewhat bizzare "Man in the Kitchen". Grammatically it doesn’t quite sound right and I'm sure conjures up all kinds of strange images. However, Man in the Kitchen turned out to be a delicious restaurant with friendly staff and a unique marketing angle. 

I'm told the purpose of the name was because Korean men do not cook at home so it was unusual to see a 'man in the kitchen'. However, I've seen many Korean men working in restaurant kitchens before so I don’t see what was so unusual about it?

Also, I'd expected it to be full of women to see the 'man in the kitchen' but apart from our teachers group it was mostly a male clientele when we went. 

I too was curious to see the 'man in the kitchen' and there turned out to be in fact two chefs. One wore a Japanese style white handkerchief over his head, while the other wore a baseball cap. 

Menu items ranged from steak, chicken, or seafood, on a choice of rice or spaghetti dishes. They also had some salad side orders. Menus were bilingual so you can understand what to order. They also have an open concept kitchen so you can watch your meal being prepared.

The interior accessories are also quite masculine ranging from vintage photo cameras, sports cars and motorbikes, which may be scaring off the female clientele.

Average menu prices were about 13,000w ($12), were very large servings, leaving us all satisfied with our meals. 

Here is their website and I'm told they have a couple of branches across Daegu including the northern one in Chilgok we visited close to 7-Valley.

Man in the Kitchen is a nice western style restaurant with friendly staff whose name will give you somewhat of an unusual experience and something to talk about. 

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