Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Shopping/Press Article] Men’s Clothing Alley in Daegu

Men’s Clothing Alley in Daegu

The Men's clothing market usually takes a much smaller market share than Women's clothing and accessories. However Daegu has many stylish and trendy stores downtown as well as several department stores. If however you're looking for a cheaper alternative to retail prices, Daegu has a Men's clothing alley downtown full of the latest fashions at much more affordable prices.

It’s easy to miss and I didn’t even bother walking down this street for a long time before I ever discovered it was there. At the fountain outside the Police Station at the base of Donseongno opposite Herbal Street and the YMCA, walk north a few stores until you reach Daiso on the west side. Directly opposite you will see the start of the alley.

This street is exclusively for Men's clothing and is packed tightly with many small stores selling the latest styles. Deceptively some of them are quite larger once you go inside. Although they have an assortment of many styles, you may have a problem finding western sizes. I'm a western size medium but the Korean size that fits me would be an extra large. 

I tried on some Large size jackets but they were tight around the shoulders so it’s not even a question of dieting. Most stores did not carry extra large sizes and the ones that did had items that wouldn’t sell. 

They also had many styles of jeans but I didn’t check sizes. I know there are Korean guys larger than me so I often wonder where they buy their clothes?

It’s nice to peruse and if you can find your size you might get yourself a good bargain too. If you buy more than one item maybe you can even try bargaining prices.  


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