Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Restaurant] Road to India Restaurant!

Road to India Restaurant

Daegu has yet another Indian restaurant to add to its variety of culinary treats. Road to India located in the heart of downtown is a Korean run Indian restaurant that not just embraces the passion of serving authentic Indian cuisine but is a showcase of Indian arts and culture . 

The restaurant is located just a block south of the main stage and Burger King. At the next intersection down you will see it on the second floor above a cosmetics store. 

The staircase is decorated with beautiful Indian artwork, complimenting the decorative interior. The main restaurant has many hanging fabrics, wall art, and traditional lanterns. 

There are two seating options, western style table and chairs, or Asian style floor seating. While Indian seating is similar to Korean floor seating, the restaurant has decorative alcoves for private seating. Indian floor seating traditionally has round pillows to rest on and the restaurant also provides small cushions. 

I like the menu choices as it’s very simple and easy to understand. They have a set menu option for 9000w. This will consist of three items. Your choice of curry, rice or naan option, and lassi drink. Lassi is a milk drink which I normally ask them to leave out. 

Curry options range from chicken, beef, vegetable, and shrimp, as well as an original pork option which is not a traditional Indian dish. 

Naan is a flat bread baked in an oven. While the menu says naan what they actually serve is called Puri. This is a flat dough that is deep fried into a soft and crispy bread like a pita wrap. 

The owners are Korean and may not be familiar with the difference. I tried explaining to them once but their menus are already printed up so there's not much they can do about it now. 

Being Korean owned it's not as intimidating for most Koreans so there is more than the usual number of locals attending a foreign restaurant and trying non Korean cuisine. I think they had Bollywood Indian tunes playing gently in the background too but I am usually talking with friends to notice. 

I've been to this restaurant a few times with friends and had no complaints about the food. It's conveniently located a block away from the main stage downtown, has easy menu options, and transports you for an hour or so away from Korea. They also sell incense sticks and small accessories. 

Their atmospheric interior and delicious food will invite you back for many more encounters. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this information and Very good looking blog.very informative article.

  2. What is the name for those hanging cylinder decorations?

  3. What is the name for those hanging cylinder decorations?