Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 'Daegu civil and foreign press corps workshop' in TongYeoung!!


Last Saturday, on April 27th morning, we headed to TongYeong for workshop after finishing welcoming ceremony for new ‘social media citizen/foreigner press corps’! The workshop was placed TongYeong which is one of the beautiful place in Korea.
Do you want to know more? Then follow me~


We stopped by one restaurant placed in Hyeonpung and had nice lunch all together.
It was the moment before serving the main dish so you can see everyone was starving XD

We arrived at TongYeong resort in 2 hours after we're off to Hyeonpung.
As soon as we arrived, there was a lecture for the press corps.

Noim Park who is a journalist at Maeil newspaper talked about technique of photo shoot and Wonsu Park who is a general manager at Chosun newspaper talked how to write article. Next Sanghyup Lee who is a representative director gave a speech about technique for fiming and lastly, Gyeongsun Kim who is a team manager at The IMC told people how to use SNS.








I'm sure everyone was good student :)

After done with long long lectures around 3 hours we went to have a dinner.
The menu were hot seafood soup and fresh sea squirt, oyster pancake that I also like!

In the middle of the picture, you can see a plate with sea squirt. Some people doesn't really like this but I'm a big fan of sea squirt^^ You could feel full of sea taste when you try it.

Don't be so surprised! We also had chicken, beer, fruit and more foods after we had this big dinner haha It was not so long night to enjoy some free time with all of press corps.

Second day of workshop,
We woke up with a good grace as we found this beautiful view of sea and sunshine.


It was the day for field placement in Jeseungdang and Dongpirang town so we took off through this cruise ship!

We are in Hasando! Let's get start :)




I'm glad to capture this moment with bright faces:D They are all look so happy!

This is such a beautiful place indeed.

So professiornal attitude!

When you worked hard then you definately deserve nice lunch. We have been famous place with sea squirt bibimbap in TongYeong area. The taste was amazing!

Next course was the last one in this workshop. Dongpirang is kind of town in TongYeong with beautiful mural.



We enjoyed all the multi colored streets and walls in lovely Dongpirang town.



At the top of Dongpirang town, beautiful scenery spread out before our eyes.
Thank you all of you press corps with so much effort and attention for this workshop.

From May 2013 to April 2014
'Daegu civil and foreign press corps' is going to let you know all information in earnest.

Please tune in us:)

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