Friday, May 3, 2013

[Festival] Colorful merrymaking at the lantern festival :)

From May 9th through 11th, Duryupark in Daegu will be filled with colorful lanterns to celebrate the birthday of Buddha. 

On the first day, There will be performances at the special stage in Duryu baseball park from 7pm. 
 The festival also offers musical of martirial art, a fireworks show, and Korean classical music concert on friday :)

On last day of festival, visitors will be able to participate in flying lanterns by themselves from 7pm. 

Lantern lighting as highlight of this festival will take place during 3 days. 
Multi-color from lanterns will be filled the space of Duryu baseball park until 3pm on Saturday.

You would definately love this full of beautiful lights:)

※the source of the all photos from 'Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival' :

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