Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[Culture] 2013 Daegu Cutural Event Calendar on May

Daegu Cutural Event Calendar 
May 2013

  First Week
  • Labor day, May 1st
  • Children's day, May 5th
  • [Festival] Biseulsan Azalea Festival, May 1st~8th, Mt. Biseul Recreational Forests, Dalseonggun, Daegu
  • [Play]Non-verbal Performance Jump, May 3th~5th, Yongji Hall, Suseong Artpia
weekdays 8pm, Saturday 3pm/6pm, Sunday 2pm/5pm
Admission fee: (R): ₩60,000 / (S): ₩40,000
Inquiries: 053-762-0000 
  Second Week
  • Parent's day, May 8th
  • [Festival] Colorful Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival, May 9~11th, Duryu baseball Park
  • [Festival] Yangnyeongsi Herb Festival, May 8th~12th, Yangnyeongsi district
  • [Concert] Special Concert Aha! Opera Ⅱ Cosi Fan Tutte, May 11th 5pm, Daegu Opera House

  • [Concert] Luxury Concert Series Wolfe Bowart’s Fantastic Story, May 11~12th, Yongji Hall, Daegu Culture and Arts Center

  Third Week
  •  Buddhist day
  •  [Festival] Dongseongro Street Festival, May 17~21th, Dongseongro area in Daegu

  Fourth Week 
  • [Festival] Colorful Daegu Cosmopolitan Festival, May 19th
  • [Event] 2013 Daegu Tea Expo, May 23~26th, Daegu EXCO
  • [Concert] The 396th Regular Concert of Daegu City Symphony Orchestra (Brahms Symphony No.4), May 24th, Palgong Hall, Daegu Culture and Arts Center

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