Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Culture] Happy Parent's day in Korea!!

Today, May 8th, is a  Parent's day in Korea :) 
Do you know what Korean people do on Parent's day?

Unlike some country celebrate 'Father's day' and 'Mother's day' seperately, Korean has only one day for mom and dad. 
As you already saw lots of flower basket in the streets or shops and everywhere, 
we all need a particular flower during this day.   

On Parents day, Korean people traditionally give carnations to their parents to express their love and appreciation
This custom is same as we do on 'Teacher's day' on May 15th. 
Some people give some money or present to parents instead of carnation since flower isn't so much useful.

Although carnation is not a popular present for parents every year, this flower need to be prepared to celebrate 'Parent's day' 
so that you could feel special atmosphere of day. 
Children at school make paper carnation by themselves and then help their parents to wear carnation when they go back to home.

It is so easy to forget how my parents are precious people for me in this world

Thanks to their devoted love and support, we are able to exsist with full of happiness.
Please tell your parents right now,

 "I YOU, MOM and  DAD!!"


  1. Parents plays great role in our life..wonderful post..I also wanna to gift flowers online on this upcoming Parents day..thanx for the post!!

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