Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Culture] Revival of Gyeongsang Gamyeong Customs


Since April 27th, Gyeongsang gamyeong Park has been offering many programs that are prepared for Daegu citizens and foreigners to promote a part of Korean history!

Visitors will be able to experience various activities such as 'Changing of the Guard ceremony', 'Tolling of the Bell ceremony' etc. Specially 'Tolling of the Bell ceremony' is recommended since everyone can join in this program by themselves. It's easy to participate in. All you need to do is just choose day and call Daegu Korea Tourism Association. Plus, all of activities and ceremony are free!

Specific information about the 'Tolling of the Bell ceremony' is listed below.

  • Dates: April 27th~ October 26th, 2013 ( during 6 months)
  • Time: Every Saturday (excluding the hot season July and August)
  • Venue: Gyeongsang gamyeong Park
  • Event Details :  
1) 'Changing of the Guard' ceremony 
Witness a captivating scence of traditional guards performing a ceremonial shift change. 

2) Ceremony for Military Training 
A vivid re-enactment of the military exercise that the provincial governor used  to enlist soldiers and exercise military training, 
as well as shooting tests and disciplinary acts that kept soldiers in line. 

3) Ceremony for 'Patrolman's Watch' 
Watch the duties of the Joseon-era patrolmen who patrolled the local jurisdiction to prevent robberies or fire outbreaks.

4 people doing 'Tolling of the Bell Ceremony' together

4) 'Tolling of the Bell' ceremony 
A fascinating re-enactment of tolling the large bell that informed citizens of the time is available in downtown Daegu. 

  • Date: April 27th ~ October 26th, Every Saturday 13:00~16:00  (2 times a day)
  • Register period : Until every Friday 13:00 pm 
  • Number of participant : 4 people for each ceremony (can be changed) 
  • How to register? Call Daegu Korea Tourism Association Office (T.053-746-6407~9) 
  • Applicants will be contacted personally for confirmation on Friday 
  • Daegu Korea Tourism Association:

Visitors also can try on Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok

※ Gyeongsang-gamyeong park was the first site of Gyeongsang-gamyeong(Gyeongsang Provincial Governor's office) in Daegu which was moved to this place 400 years ago. This park was built in the name of the Jung-ang Park in 1970. The walls of the park were demolished and the park reopened in October, 1997, with its present name, and with various facilities to preserve this site forever. 

There are Seonhwadang hall which was the governor's office(Daegu Tangible Cultural Asset No.1), Jingcheonggak pavilion which was his house(Daegu Tangible Cultural Asset No.2), and 29 monuments that explain the governor' achivements. There is hexagonal-shaped bell pavilion in wood and a "Citizens' Tree" statue in the park. 

This park has green forest, beautiful flowers, clean, wide, grassy lawns, a fountain, peaceful walks and a lot of benches. This is a good place for citizens to take some rest. It is also in charge of a role as rest place to relax fatigue and stress built up in the complicated urban life.

    How to get there?

Source from : Jung gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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