Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Culture] Teacher's Day in Korea

May 15th is 'Teacher's Day' in Korea!

Like many other countries, Teacher's Day in Korea is regarded as a special day for both of teachers and students
During this day, students secretly prepare surprise party, red carnation and present for their teacher in appreciation for teacher's work. 

Carnation giving

Same as 'Parent's Day', giving a red carnation is one of the way to celebrate 'Teacher's Day'.  
Students spend some hour for making own carnation and give it to teacher to show their love and respect.

Sing a song for teacher

When the teacher enters the class room, all of student start to sing a 'teacher's day song' together. 
The song is about how important can teacher be and how much they feel thankful about teacher.

Card & Present

Card and present are optional but mostly students save some money for preparing present.

Great respect for teacher in Korea

In Korea, we are saying '군사부일체', which is a kind of Chinese idiom meaning that king, teacher and parents are same existences. 
You can notice that teacher in Korea have high stature and respect.

"Originally it was started by a group of Red Cross youth team members who visited their sick ex-teachers in hospitals. The national celebration ceremony was stopped between 1973 and 1982 but it resumed after that. On the day, teachers are usually presented with carnations by their students, and both enjoy a shorter school day. Ex-students pay their respects to their former teachers by visiting them and giving them a carnation. Many schools now close on Teachers' Day because of the rampant bribery implicit in the expensive gifts often given to teachers. Schools can use the day to have an outing for the teachers."

source from:Wikipedia

Hope you enjoy 'Teacher's Day'! It can be a nice chance to remind of your teacher back in the days :)


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