Friday, May 10, 2013

[Culture] UCC contest for promoting 'Global city of Daegu' in Yeungnam university

Purpose: To promote Daegu and university within Korea and abroad by making UCC
Who: A team with international students from over 2 countries  
What: UCC about 10 minutes with specific topic

Language: English or native language(In this case, English subtitles needed)

Deadline: May 24th(Fri) 18:00  
How to apply: Hand CD in 'Office of International Program' in Yeungnam university

Announcement of winner: May 28th(Tue)

Award: The grand prize(1) 700,000won / Excellence prize(2) 300,000won / Participation prize(3) 200,000won
※Pay 100,000won to every team that participate for making UCC(except award team)


UCC topic

- Refer the examples below

▸ Any topic with Daegu view, history, culture, food, living, festival, traveling etc. 

Visit festivals such as Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival(5.8-12), Dongseongro Festival(5.17-19)

Buddhist day(5.17), Lantern festival, Donghwa temple, Temple stay

Experence Korean traditional culture by visiting Museum of Natural Dye Arts, Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum

Medical tour in Daegu(plastic surgeory, skincare, oriental medicine)

Introduce historical place

Daegu stadium(city of worldchampionships), Opera house, EXCO, Subway tour

▸ Traditional flea market such as Seomun market, Dongindong Jjimgalbi street, retaurant tour

University promotion, School life or Introduce friends etc.

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