Thursday, May 16, 2013

[Festival] The 24th Dongseongno Korea Wave Festival (May 17th-19th)

Dongseongno is full of the lively spirit of youth throughout the year. 
A variety of cultural spaces, bookstores, movie theaters, and performance halls are lined up along the street. 
From May 17th, the most youthful and vibrant festival will be placed at the central street in Daegu during 3 days!
- Date : May 17th(Fri)-19th(Sun), 2013
- Place : Dongseongno area
- Official page :

  Main Program

1. DJ Festival : The 3rd national festival follwing Seoul and Busan. It is going to hit the peak of the festival!
Get Freepass for DJ Festival
If you buy the freepass ticket for DJ Festival, 
 -Free entrance for every club during 7 days from May 13th  to 19th
 -May 17th-18th, you can entrance Dongseongno outdoor club VIP zone

   (infront of Daegu Department store) with free drink    

How to buy the freepass ticket?
  -Price: 20,000won 
  -Purchase on site: Operation headquarters infront of CGV Hanil, Dongseongno street 

   (from May 11th until end of the festival)

2. Opening ceremony: K-POP singers, Singers from other countries, Sports star etc.

3. Song competition

4. 동거동락(Music program): Jazz, Hiphop, Rock concerts

  Sub Program
1. Body painting show

2. Beauty art show

3. Dongseongno global song contest: You will see who is going to be a next super star among 3000 of international students in Daegu

4. Musical gala show: There is noo doubt that Daegu is a musical city in Korea. 
University students who majoring musical or acting in Daegu will performace musical gala show.

Not only these programs also Korean calligraphy performance, motor show, flea market also waiting for you out there!

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